April 19, 2024

Twenty two year old Miami artist, Guichiny may be new name to your ears, but in a world where hip-hop can get all too complacent, someone so hungry and talented is extremely refreshing.  His latest EP “5 Stars” features an expansive modern sound and a narrative lyrical style, often slipping between profound storytelling and dynamic sonic clashes. The two styles complement the array of topics covered on the project. Guichiny is highly personal, giving you a look inside his mindset and the things he has on his chest.

The recording is a collection of thoughts and actions of a young man who sounds like he is the only rational person left in a twisted world.  Guichiny writes with purpose, and the atmospheric beats coupled with his style of poetic rap gives listeners something that breaks from the traditional mold. Guichiny displays a pensive, almost introverted approach to his verses that read like wisdom from a soul far older than his 22 years. Yet when he breaks loose, he speaks his mind with no reserve.

Guichiny opens the recording with “Bad Guy”. “Fuck the nice guy, they finish last. Bitch I am the bad guy, far from trash,” barks Guichiny, quickly setting the tone and mood, while showing off his charisma. It is a full-on display of his artistic status. The lyrical content is there, while the songwriting, production, and the execution of the track’s driven concept is impacting. There’s no limit as to what Guichiny can do musically.

Up next is “Stars”, which once again showcases the rapper’s lyrical wit and self-confidence. “Haters are fans cause they don’t wanna duel, absorbing the dust while I shine like a jewel.”  The track’s bottomless bass bump mirrors the idea that Guichiny is plunging deep within his own psyche, dredging up the wisdom and revelations.

Guichiny’s flow during his rhymes on “Chills”, exhibit a concentration and determination that’s every bit as focused as his quest for self-realization. “Rapping for me. I ain’t do this for fame. Lifestyle a movie. A series and game.”

This impression of intense focus is heightened by the percussion and handclaps on “Hits” which rise into the air, and the shimmering keyboard atmospherics that follow them, inciting the sense that Guichiny’s is ready to relocate himself to the upper echelons of his genre.

Almost magically, “Focus” is the keyword and title of the EP’s closing track. “Why can’t I focus, what don’t I notice. Haven’t felt my heart in while I feel homeless. All of this stress has really take its token.”

The underlying production here is suitably laden with wide-lensed atmospheric sonics and choir-like voices, to usher in the idea that something mysteriously bigger lies around the corner of Guichiny’s world, and a change is going to come as soon as begins to set his focus.

If you thoroughly listen to this project in its entirety, it’s not hard to tell that Guichiny will soon begin to come into his own. With poetic lyrics and other-worldly production, Guichiny manages to make a confident and thought-provoking recording with “5 Stars”.



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