July 14, 2024

From singer-songwriter to producer, and motivational speaker to film actor and philosopher, CA$$INOVA has been pursuing a career in the music industry since the early age of twelve. He is a focused young artist with a variety of stories to tell. Ever since his debut album (Dirty .38 or D38) CA$$INOVA has gained the title of an Experienced Musician with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry.

Press play on any CA$$INOVA project, and what you’ll get is something head-and-shoulders above many of the things that his contemporaries have been releasing over the last few years. There’s a distinct feeling you get while listening to his music. He’s lit, he’s switched on, and his senses are all working together to paint a clear picture of his surroundings and his experiences.

CA$$INOVA is part of the exciting, burgeoning new hip hop scene, a fertile creative ground that has given us many shallow throwaway artists, but also delivered a handful of creatives who blend the modern sound with conscientious material, and richness of thought behind it all. CA$$INOVA perhaps embodies this characteristic most fiercely.

The singles “Therefore” and “Bleach” is a flirtation with that side of things, as the rapper toys with catchier futuristic production and stand-alone tracks, with immersive lyricism and irresistible flows. He delivers life examinations in a distinctive, robust and resonant way, amidst fluent and booming production.

Those examinations are vital to his existence. They represent truth and knowledge, an elixir that awakens the mind and the soul. Songs like these are important to the artist’s development, enabling him to elevate to the next plane, from where he’s ready to spread his word. What CA$$INOVA has put together with these songs is an enlightening, thoughtful, and stimulating listening experience.

“Bleach” fades in on a dark and mysterious soundscape, before the percussion abruptly gives the song the get-go. The banging production indeed plays a role, but for those seeking true impact, the importance lies deeper: within the written word. CA$$INOVA’s words are direct and clear, eschewing cryptic poetry, and designed to be unpacked straight off the cuff.

CA$$INOVA transcends the archetype of simply being a bar rapper. Of course, the man has bars. But his lyrical temperament derives power from both wisdom, and brute force. His intellect is notably sharper than most, but he can growl and roar along with the best of them. In fact, therein lies his greatest weapon. The scope of his artistry is wide enough to appeal to a variety of hip-hop heads, as well as those just looking to vibe.

Though lyricism and production remain a strong suit, CA$$INOVA’s daring willingness to raise his voice to an abrasive and aggressive weapon is a testament to the rapper’s emotional baggage and technical prowess on “Therefore”.

CA$$INOVA’s music evokes fierce engagement on behalf of the listener. Should you find yourself interested in digging a little deeper, rest assured that he can provide plenty of content to digest. A surface-level listen, while enjoyable, merely scratches the surface of what CA$$INOVA is able to produce.


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