May 26, 2024

What do you get when you mix P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest a prominent hip-hop and rap artist entertainer and Los Musick is a super producer? If you don’t know the answer, sorry to say…you’re late, but we will be changing all that today. This super duo recently dropped their joint album “Inside the People”, which is one of many collaborations. What does that mean? It means, every time they join forces, we get greatness in the form of music and this album promises to be the best yet.

A two part album, Inside The People is full of jewels and gems that will provoke thought and get the listeners in a mindset that they can accomplish ANYTHING! Music that is built to last and heavy like a Chevy truck it will be something that will stay on constant repeat for many many noon’s and moons!

40oz Poetry is a prime example of a record you will not just pas by or over-look and they have the lyric video to hit this statement home! 40oz Poetry is another easy highlight – this fine fusion of memorable melodies, anthem-like unity, a hint of Gospel and plenty of rap-vocal-grit, works wonders to reinforce the passion and truth of the writing.

Then here comes Super Woman a jazzy fun ride that will have you looking for the Super Woman that you have never met but always dreamed of and you are in need of finding her right now! This record is witty and fun and super exciting and it also takes you on a ride you will not soon forget!

Los Musick & P.A. T. Louisiana’s Finest are on radio rotation with the tracks “Super Woman”, “40oz Poetry”, “Ya Like” ft. T.Lae and “Get Money Story” ft. Daalight.


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