May 20, 2024

DraMatiQue (drah*mad*ick) is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist from the West Coast. He began writing and performing original music back when he was in high school; honing his craft over many years of dedicated practice. Once he had developed an expansive discography, DraMatiQue began to receive a plethora of media attention In addition to his list of achievements, he has also opened for the likes of A+, Mc Breed, Talib Kweli, Mims, WuTang Clan, and Tha Alkaholiks. DraMatiQue is also the C.E.O of indie hip-hop label: Newborn Records LLC.

With a growing discography of singles, EP’s and mixtapes, DraMatiQue has accelerated his momentum with the release of his official full length debut album, entitled “Millionaire”. Packed with 18 tracks, and over an hour of music, you can hear the hard work that was put into this album. The production, features and content flows so well front to back, with no filler tracks.

I took a peripheral scope to dig into this work. What I found floored me. The level of craftsmanship exhibited by DraMatiQue in every track is astonishing. After brief opening intro with “Why We Rock”, “The Moment” truly kicks off the album with hard-hitting, classic west coast hip-hop vibes; featuring vocals from the talented Mic-Fone. DraMatiQue starts rapping with tenacity from the get-go.

The forceful delivery, the professional wordplay, the polished vocabulary sprinkled with tasteful slang; his first real 16 bars of the album left such a cool impression on me, I started the song over right after it ended. Right after comes one of my personal favorite tracks off the album, “Hangin’ On”. This particular track sounds like a real trunk-thumper, banging out a system from a low-rider, all the while containing dashes of futuristic elements of production.

The dark and grinding electronic backdrop of “Anxiety” ft. Lou-E Tha Don and IamF.A.M.E. creates an absolute banger which not only distinguishes DraMatiQue from the newer generation of rappers, but puts him ahead of the pack in terms of forward-thinking beats. “Wake up Call” comes together for a smooth ride-out of witty lyricism and soulful delivery, while DraMatiQue cuts through “Igrind” with concise authority and genuine proficiency in his craft.

What makes “Millionaire” such an outstanding project overall is how easily I could personally connect with the story and message behind the album. The album accomplishes what so many artists fail to do on their long-awaited debut, by being fully consistent with their signature style, while at the same time not being just being a musical rehash.

One more notable accomplishment of the album is how profoundly DraMatiQue can shine a spotlight on his stylistic singularity as a hip-hop artist today. Listen to how he rides the bombastic urgency of “My Barz”, or totally flip the script on the smooth and mellifluous “Make U Mine”. “Hit The Wall” literally explodes through the sound system, busting with anthemic energy.

By this time there is no stopping DraMatiQue as he comes on strong with “Who Really Want It” ft. Anthrax and Haze, before switching to the percussive “Above Water”, and then “Money Makerz” ft. Brewsta Million and Maximillie.

He showcases everything he does well in these tracks. There’s a musicality to the album’s sound that matches the weight of DraMatiQue’s adrenaline-pumping flows and wordplay. The rapper’s rhymes are designed to lay out like pieces of a puzzle until they form the big picture.

Moving forward through “Top Drop Back” ft. Boss Game and Young Walter, Really Doe, and the title track “Millionaire”, DraMatiQue’s verses connect to make sense in sequence, creating powerful impressions. With this last song alone he does separate himself from the other rappers in the industry. This is the lead single, but this is also one of my favorite songs on the album.

The futuristic bang of “Crank It Up”, is a refreshing break from some of the music that is being released today. Notwithstanding all the high energy material, DraMatiQue finds the time to introduce some honest to goodness sentimental vibes into “Pretty Lil’ One”, before closing the show with the autobiographical and self-empowering “Champion”.

DraMatiQue knows his audience well and “Millionaire” is evidence of that. In a way the album has a little something for everyone. It has the bangers for the casual fan, anthems for the streets and deeper songs for the heads.

Executive Producer: D. Light
Recorded at One Thang Productions in Sacramento, California
Edited by D. Light at Foreva XtraOrdinary Productions
Full album mastered by Hotline Mastering – New York
©2020 Newborn Records LLC.
Published by Raiders of the Lost Art (ASCAP)


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