July 12, 2024

Rapper Ole King Jim, from NJ, is currently making waves on the underground scene. He now hits the deck with his brand album “New Face”, which is raking up streams and enthusiasm, as well as strengthening his brand.  The rapper has been honing his craft for a while, and has stated that he is in the game primarily for the love of it. Ole King Jim is joined by Producer EnzoMadeIt (formerly known as Cnote). Enzo, who started out rapping, began by downloading beats from YouTube, and then drawing on his experience playing piano, violin, and trumpet to make his own beats. He then used online software to refine his craft, and started churning out beats for other rappers, finding his niche as a producer and beatmaker.

Anyone with any appreciation for rap and hip-hop music should have this album in some form or another in their collection. I’d also urge anyone who says they do not like the aforementioned genres to listen to this and then re-evaluate their opinion.

Ole King Jim truly branches out to many spectrums within this album, mixing his absurdly brilliant lyricism, his witty rhymes and the variability of his syllable tempo with some deep and complex beats to make this a true pleasure to listen to.

Regardless of the momentum it has picked up this far, to me, “New Face” is a hugely underrated album and should be more widely recognized.  One of the most powerful things about hip-hop is its ability to present complex and deeply personal thoughts and feelings.

In his latest album Ole King Jim, takes us on a tour of his mindset and experiences, in what can only be described as one of the most intense listening experiences that this talented artist has shared with us so far.

This album doesn’t just showcase Ole King Jim’s unique penchant for wordplay, as well as a vocabulary which could make even the most seasoned writers jealous; it also takes the listener through a deeply personal narrative, almost stream-of-consciousness, which feels so raw and personal that it’s almost impossible not to relate to it in some way. These emotional pushing elements come thick and fast right from the opening tune “A Brief Glimpse Back”.

“MAKEYouHATEMe” turns up the intensity dial and the personal reflections, with Ole King Jim spitting abrasive rhymes. It is an almost overwhelming listening experience because of the sheer power and magnitude of the emotion that the rapper conveys through his words.

“R.W.M.T” keeps the momentum going with a catchy mellifluous motif leading us in. By the time we press play on “Everything”, it’s clear that Ole King Jim has a lot to say, and no shortage of catchy turns of phrase to express himself.

Ole King Jim is capable of muscling more impressive imagery and vocal dexterity into a single three minute track than lesser artists manage in an entire album. From “My Law” to “Blue Probe Pt.1”, and personal favorite “What You Said”, he does just that.  Whether he’s on the hook, or on the verse, makes no difference. He’s impressive everywhere.

Ole King Jim is a verbal tsunami on “Chalk Boy”, ceaseless and emotional on “Play The Role”, and “Not The Same”. Like all great records, this album has a few moments that will have you gasping for breath, and others that will give some respite to just chill and listen.

The latter happens on the smooth “No Fixes”, and the slow but explosively intense “Blue Probe Pt.2”, which unfolds all the storytelling brilliance Ole King Jim can manifest in a devastating family tale.

“Blue Probe Pt.2” is the type of track that should have hip-hop purists bowing down before Ole King Jim’s skills. “Power Moves” closes the show with another downtempo emotional ride. On a purely aesthetic level, it’s probably one of the most beautiful songs here.

Incredibly creative and eternally interesting, Ole King Jim is a virtuosic rapper who brings a perfect blend of emotion and thrills, while producer EnzoMadeIt, weaves a tapestry of beats that matches him bar for bar.


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