June 15, 2024

Daniel Nelson better known by his moniker, The First Impression has been producing music since his teens, for 15 years now. Exposed to the reality of substance abuse through his family while growing up, he leaned on music to help him through the difficult times. “Music saved my life when I was on the brink of giving up,” says Daniel, continuing: “Music also taught me patience, kindness, and gracefulness.” He also realized the effect his music had on other people, when a listener on Souncloud messaged him, declaring that one of his songs had helped in preventing her from killing herself, as she no longer felt alone.

The First Impression has released a series of singles, as well as an album, entitled “Climax”. One of the standouts, taken from the aforementioned album, is the track “Push me To The Edge”. There’s a certain level of self-awareness put on display, when The First Impression speaks on afflicting situations in his life.

It’s not so much what the artist is saying or thinking that shines through on this track, but more so what he is feeling. The First Impression – who seems to have an inborn knack of truly conveying his emotions to others – stretches his sound and carries his artistry to unexpected places.

His lyrics access internal conflicts that make his music emotional and highly impacting at times. Furthermore, on “Push me To The Edge”, he applies his singing voice in edgy and angst-filled progressions that will cut straight through to the empathic core of your soul. The First Impression’s vocal tones are mellifluous, but resoundingly sonorous as he reaches for those high notes to convey the eloquence of his dramatic narrative.

No two The First Impression songs are similar, and “…Without You” clearly show us why. Here the artist, uses both his singing and rapping voices, showing off his versatility on a slapping sonic backdrop. The type of lyrics used here, should come as no surprise to the heartbroken, as the songwriting is a perfect representation of someone attempting to recuperate a broken relationship.

What separates this song from other modern-day, break-up records, is The First Impression’s insistence on staying true to himself, understanding his own feelings, and not being afraid to openly declare them. This is something that is both admirable and surprisingly mesmerizing all at the same time.

The First Impression submerges the listener into deep crevices of his mindset and emotional status, for the purpose of understanding the self and the pitfalls we engage along the journey of life and love. The song, while sprinkled with luminous energy underneath the gloom, captures The First Impression’s desperate cry for reciprocal love. “…Without You” is hauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking all at once.

All throughout his music, The First Impression reflects on his life and struggles, examining past, while moving forward both as a person and an artist. In doing so, he is able to go deep down inside himself, to make meaningful, relatable, and most times, breathtaking music.



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