July 23, 2024

KLARA ELIAS is an Icelandic singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. At the age of 18 she became the lead singer of “Nylon”, Iceland’s most successful girl group ever. She moved to Los Angeles when the group signed a major label deal in 2010. When the group retired she started to work on her debut solo album but decided to put that on hold to focus on songwriting.

She has since had much success writing for other artists, various projects for TV and major TV shows. Here is a playlist with a selection of her work on SPOTIFY

In the midst of all the uncertainty and chaos of 2020 KLARA started working on her solo project again and decided it was time to share her music. Her debut single “PARALYZED”, which she co-wrote with Alma Goodman, is produced by James “Gladius” Wong.

“Songwriting became my sole focus for a while and there was a moment where I thought I might never release my own music again. Then this spring as the pandemic became more and more serious I realized that all I really wanted to do was to hug my family and sing again!” -Klara Elias

“PARALYZED” is a painfully honest, pop/rock heartbreak song that is as moody as it is poppy. Klara Elias is on radio rotation with the track “PARALYZED”.

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