April 15, 2024

LIZ LOKRE is a globally emerging artist based in Toronto. Since her first release in 2016, LIZ has been carving out a sonic wave that is all her own. Drawing from influences like songstresses like Alicia Keys and Sade, her soulful vocals are always the driving force.

Her father, born in Ireland, booked live entertainment in Dublin and her Trinidadian born mother was a professional Indian dancer and performer. It was LIZ’s grandmother who in fact, pioneered a pre-Bollywood style of Indian dance and rose to stardom in her day.

As LIZ carries forward the dreams of those who came before, she sets her sights on something much larger than the art itself. “I know the power that music has to heal,” she says.

“To know where you’re going, you have to know Where U Come From” .This track is meant to encourage listeners to reflect on and pay homage to their own sources of strength, whether that be through bloodline or personal connection.

W.U.C.F. shines a light on the immigrant story and the power that comes with embracing the stories of all those who paved the way. LIZ LOKRE is on radio rotation with the track “Where U Come From”.

Connect with LIZ LOKRE on INSTAGRAM and at her WEBSITE. Stream her music HERE.

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