July 23, 2024

As an independent artist and songwriter out of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas, Markali Mac brings originality, lyricism and creativity together, to spread his intense, yet eye opening message through his music. After his mother passed away from a multi-year epilepsy battle, Markali, at the age of seventeen, fell into a dark place and like many others began to suffer from depression and severe anxiety. With both brothers in the system behind bars at the time, he began to spiral. Yet he continued to persevere and overcame life’s difficulties. Markali speaks on sensitive subjects about himself and the public in hopes to inspire others going through similar struggles, and to spread love, joy, peace and motivate whomever comes across his art from all walks of life.

Markali Mac is on radio rotation with the single “BORN” ft. A.T.Renegade, taken from the album “FISH DONT BELONG IN TANKS”.

Stream, Watch and Download Markali Mac’s music HERE

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