July 19, 2024

Lavien is a singer/songwriter and a dancer, with an eye for Afro pop. Lavien was born in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria on June 18, 2002. Lavien started signing at the age of 9 and performed at his first concert at age eleven. Besides signing, he has other talents/hobbies such as drawing and dancing.

Growing up, Lavien listened to and admired, artists like Michael Jackson, Lincoln Brewster, Wizkid, Tory Lanez, Davido, and the likes. Due to his passion for music, he explored different genres and therefore became an afro-fusion/hip-hop artist. The artist takes pride in composing music that is relatable to his audience. Music that washes away the dust from our souls!

Lavien is on radio rotation with the track “Bless Mi Journey” produced by Eno on the Trck & Faith Wyll

Connect and Stream: https://linktr.ee/thelavien

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