May 19, 2024

Straight off the cuff let’s get one thing straight. Willy Graves is a much more potent emcee than he probably gets credit for, and his discography is a lot stronger than you’ve been led to believe. Of course, Willy’s rhymes and flow are only a part of the equation. The production on his releases are absolutely stellar, leading even those who may love other genres, praise his tracks for the sound alone. His latest 9 track project, “Tulsa Night & Street Lights” is no exception to the rule. The entire recording showcases Willy Graves’ ability to weave enchanting tales, and sheds light on how honest, and to the point, the rapper who grew up between Oklahoma and Salt Lake City can be.

There’s a thin line between effortless and not putting in effort.  Willy Graves effortlessly puts words together, he is a natural. From the aforementioned project comes the single “Masego” ft. Enzo, which puts all of his effortless assets on display.

From the soulful groove, to the ear-catching melodic hook, and the deep voiced sentimental rhymes, Willy Graves effortlessly mesmerizes the listener, and is perfectly supported in this task by Enzo.

All throughout “Masego” ft. Enzo, Willy Graves’ flows and smooth rhyme schemes truly get a chance to shine. Those who are looking to hear Willy’s technical skills and charisma on the mic will certainly have a field day here.

Graves is a thinker and with great introspection comes seasoned thoughts. Duly, the rapper’s career has been defined by expression of those seasoned thoughts. His ability to wander, to reveal his thoughts and subtle realities is what leads to him being so enchanting on the mic.

Instead of showy grandstanding Willy Graves settles for slow reveals with his smooth-as-honey bars. Willy’s rhymes are poetry featuring off-kilter bars, unusual schemes and winding ideas.

He scratches beneath the shallow surfaces of modern hip-hop to tap into a sound that is substantive, quick-witted, deep, and dope as hell. Lyrically, Willy is at the top of his game. His flow and delivery are both impeccable, yet sound very organic. The auditory aspect is rounded off by clean, crisp and shimmering production.

“Masego” ft. Enzo and the entire “Tulsa Night & Street Lights” project in general is a magnificent marker for how he’s flourished since his previous release. It isn’t simply due to all the new grooves and deep emotions, as Willy Graves continues to showcase the sharp technical skills that is putting him on the map.

An important part of growing musically, is having strong roots, and in all of his releases, Willy Graves manages to transmit where he’s been, emotionally, spiritually, and sonically, in his lifetime experiences.


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