July 21, 2024

Inspired by French Musician Gesaffelstein. A.J. is a UK Producer and songwriter, starting in 2019 with his first project titled ‘The Afterlife (Chapter One)’ he finally returns with the release of his debut album ‘Anarchy’ coming March 2021.

‘Anarchy’ is the debut album by A.J. The album shows the downfall and descent into darkness of A.J.’s alter ego experiences. The album is jam packed with features from Alfred Banks, The Great Raw, Maya Miko, Saint Josh, Tay Edwards, HBOMB, Pl&etBuBu MyFavoriteColor and Emily Hazel and with all those artists A.J. manages to portray his dark descent into madness and loneliness after a breakup and trying to build life back up after that.

From the first track it feels like one long song due to the way it all flows together and you’ll forget what track you’ve ended up on. A.J. tries to create an alter ego that is heartless and wears a mask to hide his emotions from the world and ends up becoming this villainous person who goes around causing mayhem in order to escape from reality.

A.J. ft. Maya Miko is on radio rotation with the track ‘Days Gone’


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