June 18, 2024

Since 2009, Audio Engineer, Producer and Recording artist “Saivio” AKA “Drako Proud” has been working with the music industry’s top artists and is able to deliver a unique recording and production experience. Drako Proud makes his own beats, writes his own songs, as well as engineers and distributes his music all on his own. He earned a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering, then in 2014 immediately founded the record label, music production, recording and artist development facility, Saivio,LLC. In 2021 Drako Proud plans to drop music every month. Starting with his instrumental album “#Immortal” which dropped February 5th 2020.

On “Immortal” Drako Proud’s music sounds rich, complex and beautifully layered. He makes a warm mix of classic hip-hop, modern trap, R&B and soul, and the smoothness of it all feels like an antidote to the noisy bombast this album will often play against.

Regardless of the style, Drako Proud’s music is effortless and flexible. These tracks standalone brilliantly as immersive instrumentals, but any artist with a worthy knack for words could put these musical measures to excellent work.

Right from the back to back opening tracks “Up” and “Opp Pack”, the sleek sounds of Drako Proud’s palette can’t be limited to simple styles because they aren’t shackled to genre; the interconnectivity of his music threads through a variety of head-nodding flavors. Visiting these grooves is a matter of experiencing expansion and potential.

“Real Love” bangs harder than the previous two songs but never loses its cool suaveness, while underneath the hood the basslines rumble alongside the skittering percussion. On “Drill Mode” he once again transcends the box. His saturated keys and indelible bounce are his signatures, and those qualities shimmer throughout this song. The joint unfurls with a balance of sheen and aquatic textures.

“OTF” doesn’t only work because of how Drako Proud flips its basslines into a steady neck-whipping soiree, or the keys into ethereal interludes, but it’s also emboldened by personality. Much the same can be said of “Honcho” where the bass resonance will rattle your speakers if you touch the volume dial. All across this album, Drako Proud fosters an environment where every instrument and sound sample shines.

The musical lineage on “Immortal” is in a state of perpetual evolution. And the producer shows plenty room to evolve, too. “Holy One” bangs with minimal instrumentation, propelled by the bass and the thumping kick drum, while “Hangover” introduces spectral synths underscored by ricocheting hi-hats. The closing track does exactly what the title says – “Vibes”. It sounds super comfortable delivering speaker-panning, pastel tones that hover around the room.

“Immortal” feels almost conservative compared to some of the more aggressive releases around, but it’s such a polished album that it’s impossible to ignore. Each track sounds like it was tailor-made, but what really works is the way Drako Proud’s basslines become pulsing, living things throughout. It’s a record stacked with an adeptness of touch from a production standpoint, a modern tapestry that remains elegant and smooth, with meticulous grooves throughout.

“Immortal” is remarkably self-assured. It sets up Drako Proud as a musical creative carving out his own niche. He’s a producer and artist with diverse taste and a wide knowledge of his craft, and has the raw talent to work those influences into a unique and compelling sound.

Email: BookingSaivio@gmail.com
Website, Socials & Streams: https://linktr.ee/Drakoproud

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