July 21, 2024

Born in Roseau, Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean, Kabral Richards, aka Skydimex (meaning different dimensions of music) is a passionate lover of all styles of music since a young age. In 1992, while visiting New York, he discovered what would be his favorite musical playground – hip hop. Coming back with his new video single released in November “Time wit you”, he will be delivering his new album “Been thru” after the Covid 21 attacks.

Skydimex explores a mix of culture reuniting the famous rhythms of the Caribbean: dance hall, hip hop and soca (bouyon). A member of the Klockerz crew, he started his career at 18 in a musical landscape filled with diversity and creativity diffused by the spirit of their green island: Calypso, reggae, soca, kompa, zouk, cadence’lypso, and also dancehall.

They released three albums: MENTAL OF INSTRUMENTAL, K2 et SIGN’O’THE TIMES and a live. They also did opening acts for well-known artists such as Kassav’, Buju Banton, Sanchez, and TOK.

Feeling that he had to spread his vibes, in 2009 Skydimex decided to move solo to Guadeloupe working with Mad JMC (one of Krys’ producers), ManDragon and OneTime studio and recording a few successful albums and mixtapes: “Rapanomics”, “Black Diamond” and “Nou pa ka palé enco” featuring Rin.

Skydimex is on radio rotation with the track “It Use To Be (It Used To Be Soo Good)”. Join Skydimex on facebook @skydimexmusic, subscribe to his YouTube Channel and follow him on Spotify.


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