July 18, 2024

Orlando Turner, better known as Big O, is an American hip hop record producer, recording and mixing engineer & DJ representing the UK. He began to make beats at the age of 13 and has been creating music ever since. He now resides in London, UK where he continues to further his music career. Patrick Roberts aka P-RAWB is an emcee-producer hailing from the backyard of Philly, Blackwood, N.J. Patrick has been scripting his life since the age of 13 and has been rapping since 2006. Together the two creatives have forged a 9 track album, entitled “The Complexity”. All songs were produced by Big O and mixed by Chris Chase at The Noise Floor, except for “Soulscape (The Complexity)” which was mixed by Shane Great, and “Good Company”, which was mixed by Kevin Carafa.

Right after the first listen, you’ll fall in love with “The Complexity”. It all locks into place: the beats, the lyrics, and the vibe. The album possesses a wave of sincerity that will connect with you on a profoundly personal level, and just like that, it becomes something you can absorb and feel a part of.

Both these artists have been dishing out hip hop grooves for a few years now, and whether or not you are familiar with their previous work, you will not fail to grasp that this latest record possesses a refined sense of wisdom and groove.

P-RAWB talks about topics of universal interest and personal issues, with the same importance, painting a three-dimensional picture of life with all the extreme ups and downs that come with it. Right at the album’s start, on “Vertebrea”, you get that intensive swill of inspiration, and from that point onward, the album delivers consistent bouts of substantial sounds and lyrical food for thought.

You can mentally drift during the slick cinematic grooves of “Who Am I (Scratches by G-Man)” and the edgy downtempo licks of “Keep Mov’n”; you can get fully lost in the jagged, experimental, and yet reflective sounds of “Crush”.

Here P-RAWB increases the depth of his lyrics, and Big O’s instrumental elements take on a heightened level of substance. The epic smoothness of “SoulScape (The Complexity)” sounds off with some wealthy emotional intent, propelled by a thumping groove.

“Dear Anthony” (ft. Tyana Marie) features another expansive, shimmering production by Big O, while Tyana Marie juxtaposes her mellifluous harmonies with P-RAWB’s stream of consciousness verses.

There is no question that these guys are pros in the field, and there really isn’t a bad thing you can say about this record. “Good Company” is laced with resonant strings and pianos which have a full-bodied organic flavor with a subtle retro essence.

“Enjoy The Ride” keeps the intensity and the momentum running high. Big O cranks the synths and adds ominous leads for P-RAWB to rhyme over. The album closes down with the slow and introspective “Lost My Mind” ft. Gabby.

This record is pure gold. It literally does everything correctly, from production to spoken word intros, to rhymes and flows that keep equilibrium.  “The Complexity” is a hop-hop album, about as focused and full-bodied as you can get in 2021.


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Big O:
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Twitter – https://twitter.com/BigCapitalO

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