April 19, 2024

T’Chanel has a way of engaging her audience with a unique sound. She approaches the mic with her matchless skills to run tight verses as well as hold an impeccable harmony. She will be dropping an album soon and expresses her personal struggles and how she survived. She has embraced more of a spiritual side of her gift and she is ready to share something very special with the world. T’Chanel is currently on radio rotation with the track “Is It A Dream”.

Born in Shreveport Louisiana, T’Chanel was raised in a Baptist church where her great-grand mother was the Pastor. Growing up surrounded by the sounds of southern Gospel, she could not help but to develop a love for music and began singing in the church choir at age 5.

Under the tutelage of her mother, a vocalist, and her aunt a vocalist and the church pianist, T’Chanel began to develop her musical acumen and cultivated her ear for music. Her style has been described as vibrant, soulful, and evocative. Her words resonate with a generation and her powerful voice stands out amidst the crowd.


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