April 19, 2024

The 21 year old Paige Alexa Washington, simply known as Paige Alexa, was born in Canton, Ohio. Alexa grew up listening to Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Gucci Mane, as well as Lil Baby, Stunna4Vegas, and Jhené Aiko. Alexa, who combines rap and singing took a break from college in 2019 to pursue music, when she wrote and dropped her first single “Need My Love” on SoundCloud which generated a massive buzz in just one month.

Her first EP “Money Racin” was released In 2020. Paige Alexa dropped two more singles – “Move In Silence” and “No Smoke” – in 2021 and is now back with her latest single release, “Out The Mud” out April 16th.

A quick run through her Apple Music playlist, will give you a peek of Paige Alexa’s artistic vision with her singles, and takes you to the dimension that this artist is busy conjuring up. She’s got sex appeal, a smooth singing voice, and a bag of rapping tricks that will keep listeners coming back for more every time. The diversity of concepts on her tracks are rich in pop sensibility. Full of self-empowering confidence, “Out The Mud” is Paige’s personal rising up anthem.

Paige Alexa’s vocals on this track, express her unique style of talent, while her appetite to rise and shine above the rest comes through on “Out The Mud”. The nuances she uses in her voice are designed to hypnotize and seduce the listener, luring them into her world. While the concept of boasting and swag in hip-hop is nothing new, the approach taken is creative for sure.

Put this one on when you’re in the mirror getting dressed in your new clothes, and thinking about your antagonists, haters, and anybody trying to hold you down. With the versatility to so easily switch back and forth between equally impressive vocals and rap verses, Paige Alexa will lift your spirits with her confidence boosting braggadocio rhymes.

It’s undeniable that Paige is a well-rounded artist who has a good understanding of the attitude and elements she incorporates into her music. In my opinion Paige Alexa takes a bit of all the successful female emcees and sprinkles them together in her own melting pot. She can go from being over the top, to being right down to earth…maybe even in the same verse.

Paige Alexa is a young woman with something to prove on “Out The Mud”. If she continues her momentum, and lifts her trajectory, she won’t fail to capture the masses attention. “Out The Mud” is another opportunity to fully define herself and her lane. Overall, Paige brings to the table a confident and practiced lyrical-game, testament to the growth she’s done as an artist.

“Out The Mud” is also victory statement that she can get things done, and beat the odds, on her own terms. It is exactly the kind of statement we need to hear, and one that she needed to make to the world. Paige Alexa is out the mud!

Connect with Paige Alexa:
Email: Paigealexa999@gmail.com
Instagram: @Paigealexa

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