May 20, 2024

Y’Hainis is a 24 year old artist from New York City. When his latest single “Foreign” begins to take shape, its blithe rhythm explodes into a summer song that will invade beaches around the world from June until September. This musical device speaks to the artist’s genuine passion for making music. Y’Hainis sounds like, nothing else–not the substances, rivalries, or women – supersedes his affinity towards his craft. The track is rife with grandiose Latino-styled production, and will no doubt make your regular rotation easily, regardless of your stylistic choices. This thing just bangs too damn hard to ignore.

This is as solid a recording as an artist of Y’Hainis status and talent could hope for. He’s a tough artist to categorize. He can spit rhymes with the best of his contemporaries, but he’s also got quite the voice to buoy his rap talent, something that not a lot of rappers come by so organically.  His pliable flow which bends and melodizes with the beat, will definitely be receiving consistent praise from the critics.

For one thing, Y’Hainis is not an artist that feels he can’t escape from the box that most rappers glue themselves to. He sticks all kinds of exotic flavors into “Foreign”, and while the song is awesome simply for the sound and rhythmic groove alone, Y’Hainis verses and hooks are phenomenally catchy.

He makes his intentions clear from the start: “Como te llama I rap like cholo. You try to fuck on my bitch, that’s a no go. I catch a homi, you don’t want the smoke smoke. No u can’t sign me, cuz I’m moving dolo.”

Throughout the song, Y’Hainis unfolds the usual tropes of women, weed and money, and everything good about the high-life, but it’s the way he is saying it that grabs, and holds your attention.

No matter what you think of Y’Hainis, the one thing we all can agree that he is a master at riding the beat. The man just knows how to put his flow together with the music.

I’m not sure whether it’s the music or his unbridled free-flowing attitude, but Y’Hainis feels more organic and less manufactured than many of his contemporaries, who sound like they just rolled off a production line.

Fact is, the guitars and flutes add an extra dimension to an already dynamic production. Moreover, with a disarming charm and wit, every word Y’Hainis spits, resonates. All of which takes us back to the beginning. Y’Hainis has the talent that many rappers are experimenting with these days which is being able to sing and rap fluidly.

Regardless of how you define your favorite music, “Foreign” is one track that will fit into that definition somewhere. It is chock full of auditory goodies for the music lover, not least Y’Hainis himself!

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