July 13, 2024

While his more popular contemporaries spotlight one emotion and style out of a myriad, The Mayor makes it his mission to explore all sides of his craft. They’ve got the high hats, the bass heavy kicks, the catchy hooks, and the quotable ad-libs the mainstream usually gravitates to, but The Mayor brings bars and storytelling along with his passion and outspokenness. We know all of this for sure, because we witnessed his titanic twenty track epic, “Double The Hustle”, a few years back.  Mayor showed that he was one of the few rappers today who can make an album that dense and free of filler. He also proved that he could touch on a variety of subjects without straying away from accessibility.

Now his is back with a brand new single, entitled “The Real Mayor”, taken from the album of the same name. This seems like The Mayor’s chance to branch out to a wider audience and move away from the edge of notoriety.

Throughout the track, the emcee dispatches his lyrics with the sharpest of pens. This really sets out a clear direction for the track which is set over a swirling and intoxicating beat, with all the old-school sonic trickery included.

I find found that The Mayor may be severely overlooked in hip-hop, and truthfully he’s always had top tier flows and lyrics that put him alongside many of his peers. Coupled with his diverse flow, he can create hard-hitting hip-hop while telling vivid stories in the process. The man’s ability to delve into topics without losing that fuck-off braggadocios tonality makes The Mayor a captivating artist.

Frankly, over the years Hip-Hop has seen many pioneers, wordsmiths, innovators, smooth operators and game-changers. Nonetheless there is always space for honest and exciting craftsman. A group of artists, The Mayor easily falls into.

Without too much hype these guys are able to grab any beat, and ride it comfortably, while spitting their personal truths to the world. And that’s exactly what The Mayor does on “The Real Mayor”.

On this track, The Mayor simply settles into the groove, lets his rhymes loose in a stream of consciousness, expletives and all.  It’s as if he decided to create a surface-level image of himself as a real mayor, delving deeper and deeper into the realities of such a task; illustrating it with both his lyricism, but most importantly, the musical style. And I believe he succeeded.

Furthermore, the flow and heavy percussion serve as an ode to old-school flavors, an aesthetic that remains prevalent throughout the record. But make no mistake this is a modern track, with its skittering hi-hats and twisting synths. Overall, it makes for a tight, satisfying journey from The Mayor.


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