July 18, 2024

Urban songsmith OpenSoul finds inspiration from a number of places during the creation of his releases, but he mainly draws from life, love and the intricacies of relationships, as well as the rich history of Black music that obviously influences his development as an artist.  His latest single “Differences” is an expansive, yet intimate effort that covers ample ground in fusing old-school throwback soul with modern R&B. Moreover, “Differences explores the things that give each person in a relationship their individuality, yet brings them together,” explains OpenSoul.

“Differences” provides a reprieve from the current chaos and uncertainty, offering an opportunity to focus on the nuances of love and a celebration of the inner spirit. OpenSoul will steadily be growing into music’s A-list, by continually delivering some of the smoothest vocals, and insightful lyrics in the business. Throughout the song, OpenSoul’s sound swerves between the fringes of classic, cinematic and modernistic, but it’s always deep and soulful.

Few singers can emote a sentimental message quite like OpenSoul, and his message breaks through strikingly clear on this track. The keys, percussion and harmonies add a spacious and sensual groove, while the guitar brings a sense of urgency.

At the same time, the song offers up one of OpenSoul’s most striking, soothing and vulnerable vocal performances on record. The intrinsic connection between the music, lyrics and vocal delivery is impossible to ignore.

“Differences” welcomes listeners by showing off OpenSoul’s impressive vocal range with high-pitched falsettos and a swaying melody. OpenSoul’s voice melds with the music as he raises and lowers his tones.

Such masterful vocal control along with the purposeful lyricism proves why OpenSoul will soon be moving to the upper echelons of his genre. He’s got one of those voices that could be singing anything, and it would still sound great. Such is the control and ease with which he swaps from smooth tenor to falsetto.

Despite that, it’s impressive that even here on “Differences”, he’s still covering new ground. But then again that should come as no surprise, OpenSoul is a multi-talented performer.

The singer, songwriter, and actor, who resides on the north coast of Jamaica in the popular tourist town of Negril, has also featured in Netflix’s reboot of Top Boy. It’s refreshing to hear OpenSoul’s swoon-worthy voice and lyrical talent reach new heights, each time he presents a new release.

“Differences” builds through subtle choral backing, keys, and the slightly muted, shimmering guitar behind a consistently rising chord progression that builds the emotion and leaves the hair on the back of your neck standing straight-up from the sheer emotional impact of OpenSoul’s central performance.

The singer possesses not just a technically satisfying voice, but one full of warmth and humanity. It highlights everything the lyrics are striving so hard to say. OpenSoul is an artist undoubtedly deserving of any accolades and successes that may come his way. “Differences” is a record that pushes OpenSoul’s perspicacious persona to the fore. He is simply an artist to treasure.


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