July 18, 2024

Ace Boogie CT thrives as he opens up his sound and expands his vision on the 2021 single, “B-88”.  With music being one way for all of us to entertain ourselves during these troublesome times, Ace gives us a surprisingly refreshing taste of sound with his new release. A Louisiana native, the rapper got uprooted at an early age and planted in the great northeast, where Connecticut became home and music became life. Ace is part of a whole new wave that’s cresting right now, but at his core he is also a traditional rapper. Ace Boogie CT sounds more aggressive than a lot of his contemporaries on the new song. His flow is dynamic and fiery, and he’s got real technical command.

Having said that, a run through Ace Boogie CT’s playlist, especially on songs like “Mike Like Wilt” and “No Love”, show that he can hang with both the lyrical and melodic rappers, and still bring his A-game. The new single rides. It sounds great in a car. The rhymes stick. The beat has groove, soulful brass and thump, while Ace Boogie CT has energy and personality, and he can rap.

“B-88” is pure rawness that only someone genuinely interested in the craft is capable of authentically delivering. It quickly becomes clear that Ace Boogie CT has the ability to keep the listener’s attention with a mixture of being gritty and raw, with an everyman relatability that will put him on the map. His dusty abrasive tone blends well with the passion he addresses the subject matter with.

All throughout “B-88”, Ace Boogie CT’s artistic merit and well thought out ideas steer the track in the right direction. Behind the boards, the production does a solid job at adding context to the record’s atmosphere, as the soundscape holds together for an intriguing listen.

The track sees Ace pushing his powerful lyrical vision towards a new future. I personally feel this is a huge step forward from his previous tracks, but it’s obviously a biased opinion, based on my own musical tastes.

“B-88” is a beautiful track that can’t be taken at face value and needs to be listened to carefully for you to get the full experience. Ace Boogie CT is one of the few artists, at least on this track, who gives as much importance to the lyrics as he does to the beat.

While rap and hip hop, in general, are playgrounds for personal or societal commentary not everybody has the charm and power of Ace Boogie CT’s flow. He pours out his verses with a tone that intoxicates, and will motivate listeners to turn up the volume.

Overall, there is a lot to appreciate here. Amidst all of his releases, “B-88” is an important step that reassures of Ace Boogie CT’s legitimacy as an emcee. Going forward, it’s hard to account for his next move, as he often changes his sonic template, but if he can build upon this release, he no doubt will reach the level many may project him to be at soon.


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