July 19, 2024

“Together” ft. TKmusic by Louis Jolly is a lushly produced sounding track which is idiomatic of both the neo-soul and adult contemporary vein of R&B and Pop. A refreshing single for 2021 that promotes love tolerance and peace, Louis gives an authentic, expressive, heartfelt, and nuanced performance. One thing you’ll notice is how the singer truly ‘gives his all’ in each and every performance. I discovered this, running through his previously released album of covers, entitled “Endless Love”. It showcases 6 glorious classics revisited by Louis Jolly, in the company of Keren Tzobotaro, who features on the title track “Endless Love”, and “Trying To Remember”.

“Together” is a totally different beast, in relation to the album. Here the American singer and songwriter tackles a more a contemporary sounding track, without losing the smooth, all-embracing vibe of the album. Everything feels right about this track: the vocals, the lyrics and theme, and of course, the production.  Even if that weren’t enough, the vibe – the aesthetic – is absolutely awesome.

Here Louis Jolly continues to expand on the merits of his down-home, jazzy-flavored rhythm and blues, bringing eloquence and introspection, and joy to “Together”. Louis doesn’t shy away from pouring out his heart’s contents about love, life and caring in a beautifully arranged soul-stirring track, with enough polish and precision worked in to keep it moving.

Opening the track with a subtle sheen of hope and foreboding, “Together” is a mission statement set to music as Louis Jolly wonders aloud: “There was a time when our hearts were tender like butter. We got along, we all lived together. What happened to our loving hearts? In this wonderland where people loved one another. Let’s live in peace together. Let’s care again for each other. Now and forever.”

In a tender but resonating tenor, Louis Jolly sways with a tropical feel as he delivers his message with mellifluous elegance. Self-possessed, skillfully-rendered and brimming with honesty, Louis does exactly what he’s expected to do – give anyone in the range of his voice a hearty dose of sincere and spectacularly-delivered music. Most other contemporary music releases are so much about braggadocio and personal gain that it’s the empathetic humility in this track which makes Louis Jolly really stand out.

Like many great singers before him, Louis Jolly seems to be mainly concerned about making great music. With “Together”, he does just that: make great music. Moreover, “Together” is probably the most self-explanatory name for a song. Louis wants us to go back to being together again.

He wants us to find, cherish, and hold onto the love, peace and harmony that we fundamentally believe in, at the core of our hearts. I just hope we all realize how good the music, and the message is, and just begin to listen. Few things could be more rewarding in these troublesome times.


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