July 13, 2024

Georgia Native Tru Blaise, usually dips his artistic talents into the R&B, Soul and Hip-hop bowl, often extracting a sonic blend that is both soul-stirring and smooth, which is exactly what happens on the single “U”.  The singer-songwriter is a stylistic nonconformist who gets off on evading any and every pigeonhole. He understands that the R&B and hip-hop world, is no longer about cultivating street cred. It’s increasingly about cultivating style and innovation for a generation that does not distinguish between the alternative and mainstream. In that light, “U” is a consistent, bold and artful song, as beautiful and singular as you can imagine. It manages to capture an emotional precinct, while defining real intimacy. This is the sound of a dreamer, a lover – a respectful and spiritual man.

On “U”, the Georgia crooner brings that slow boil soul with a simmering, well-cooked retro intensity that goes down easy. “Even on my dying day, I’m still gonna feel the same way I do for you,” sings Tru Blaise, he’s falsetto reaching for the sky.

Even though the heyday of R&B and soul sincerity is long over, Tru Blaise nevertheless still manages to generate disarming warmth while straddling the thin line between traditionalism, timelessness and futurism.

“U” presents songwriting substance and style, and although that might not be like the current flashy corn, it’s mighty refreshing and impacting. Tru Blaise is an oasis in the desert of what masquerades as contemporary Black music.

Before you’re even aware of it, the track has you closing your eyes and melting in the smoothness of that heavenly soulful southern voice. You won’t believe that you had not heard of Tru Blaise before. He successfully blends R&B with a woke mentality.

Beyond any discussion of tonality, pitch perfection, song structure, production technique, instrumental arrangement or performance quality is this realm that breathes life into music. Tru Blaise has a way of singing that makes you feel like he’s been on a long journey and has finally found his way to understanding and knowledge. And he takes you right along with him on every note. His rich vocals makes you remember what love is really about – giving and cherishing.

Tru Blaise’s singing reaches for the unspoken majesty that is music, those areas that grace our senses and soul in ways unpronounceable in speech. With “U”, Tru Blaise has sewn up his position as one of the more talented and eclectic R&B and Soul artists around.

Hopefully, this will be the time that the world-at-large realizes this. If Tru Blaise hasn’t found his way into your music collection yet, I strongly suggest you check him out right now.

OFFICIAL STREAMING LINKS: https://solo.to/trublaise

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