June 17, 2024

Within the past few years, the culture of rap music has reached unexplainable heights. The pool of upcoming rappers is getting massive day by day, with the help of the vast number of streaming services helping to create them a platform, drawing in millions of fans. Many artists have found success with their distinct appearances and extravagant lyrics, propelled by gritty beats. Others have fallen by the wayside and disappeared altogether, in an ever-evolving genre that takes no prisoners. Rap and Hip-hop is in continuing expansion, and longevity is an elusive quality reserved only for those artists who are able to progress at the same pace, and truly have something to say.

Amongst the chosen few, we find Simon Bohnsack also known under the pseudonym Destroyed Jeane “DJ” Kaito, who was born on 2 August 1997 in Hanover, Germany. DJ Kaito started on his musical journey at the age of 12, playing the mandolin, harmonica and piano. Now it’s been 10 years since he started making music seriously, and to celebrate the occasion DJ Kaito released the album simply titled “10 Years“.

The tracks for the album were chosen together with the help of his fans, and almost all of them were re-recorded, while the rest were remixed. “10 Years” was released on June 15, 2021 on all known platforms and is also available as a CD on https://www.djkaito.de/10years. A tour across Europe, of the same name, was supposed to support the album, but as a precaution, this was completely canceled due to the pandemic.

The recording is released in various packages, including a strictly limited timebox with a signed copy of the album. The track-list includes: ‘6th October (Day of the Nation)’‘Vier Sterne Delxue (Extended Verison)’‘Die Leiden (The Suffering)’‘#LightningQuader’‘Abrechnung Pt.1’‘Siwato’‘DISS’‘Unbequem Fernsehen’‘Abrechnung Pt.2 (Schooldays)’‘Stopp Ramstein’‘Truthrap’‘DISS (Intenzoo Remix)’‘Abrechnung Pt.3 (Training) / (Training)’‘Last Step (Version 3)’ – ‘Roast Yourself 2021’.

THE STORY SO FAR: In 2011 DJ Kaito found a viable platform to express himself, when he took over a friend’s channel, which has now become Vier Sterne Deluxe Records. Besides countless cover songs and mixes which appeared on the channel, as well as the mix tape “DJ Kaito Nr.1”, 2012 saw the release of “6 October (Day of the Nations)”, his first independent and self-produced single. More releases followed as DJ Kaito started to penetrate the platforms. Among them was the original concept mixtape “Das Vermächniss der RST” containing songs which consist of syllables without meaning.

Soon collaborations and tours followed, including his own headline tour. All the while he continued to release EP’s, albums and mixtapes. Among them his most successful album releases “#LightningQuader” and “Signal kommt”. This latter album was released in 2019, only a year after DJ Kaito declared himself to be pansexual and then going into retirement to have time for himself.

Europe has always had an important hip-hop scene, and there has been a stream of talent who have left a lasting impact on the European rap scene. DJ Kaito symbolizes how authentic the European rap style can be in blending with US influences, internet culture and European multiculturalism to create a visionary blend of sounds that he makes his own. Even if you don’t understand the German language, DJ Kaito’s beats, sounds, and vibes, as well as his overall well-oiled, loose-tongued flow will capture your attention.

Web: https://www.djkaito.de/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DJKaitoDE
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djkaitode/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VSDeluxe
Overview page: https://www.djkaito.de/10years/
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/10-Years-DJ-Kaito/dp/B08P2CT7PD/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=dj+kaito+10+years&qid=1609602886&sr=8-1
iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/10-years/1541711938

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