July 18, 2024

Sharing his storytelling perspective, and experiences on love, loyalty, and the gritty streets of Chicago, Trigga So is both a lyrical and melodic rapper, who recently lost his longtime girlfriend due to cancer. His latest mixtape, “Famous Inna Minute”, is an absolute triumph. It is unequivocally his most thoughtful, most ambitious, and most rewarding project to date. Authentically independent, the mixtape is structured much like any major label album release, and yet it deftly swerves away from the problems that plague the majority of its peers.

The mixtape is stuffed with ideas across its eleven tracks, but not a single second of its runtime is wasted; one of the rare mixtape projects that is all killer, no filler. It has a quality list of featured artists, and it never lacks for cohesion or clarity for a moment.

“Famous Inna Minute” gives Trigga So the ability to evolve in several directions at once without compromising the record’s cohesion. Right from the opening track, “Famous Inna Minute (Intro)”, the artist exudes bulletproof confidence and an abundance of self-assurance. Marrying crisp trap snares to deep lines of bass that are downright Baroque in their decadence, the track “Say You Love Me” effuses victory and melancholy equally.

Trigga So has shown he’s more than willing to experiment and toss new ingredients into his pot in order to cook up entirely different meals.  He comes out firing on all cylinders on “Problem”. The bass is heavy and bouncing, while the synths ring out a discerning melody which repeats until it etches itself onto your brain. Trigga So’s flow is insistent and in your face. Everything is ear-grabbing.

“Still Alive” ft. Tre Spazz bangs with a vengeance. The song is busy, crowded with radiant instrumentation and stacked raps, and rarely takes time to breathe. “Hold Of Me” effortlessly shifts between energies on a song that somehow manages to be both soothing and ravaging, as Trigga So’s turns up the melodic groove.

“Hit Bout It – Remix” ft. Clark is the mixtape’s ravaging centerpiece. It offers, a spellbinding presence from the rappers. “Goals” is fascinating and hooky, as Trigga So puts some serious effort into his singing, before going back to his rapping grind on “Tough Tony”.

Throughout the is mixtape, there is an authentic and attractive quality to the way Trigga So conducts himself that will keep the fans interested and listening. He flips the template again on “Born To Fail” ft. Ov Rasta, riding a slower atmospheric beat, as the two rappers work like a tag team, exchanging bars.

“Forever Alecia (Lifetime)” turns up the melodic dial, as Trigga So once again showcases his versatility on the mic. While he is incredibly talented at delivering raps that drip in swag and charisma, he can match that with sing-song melodies that captivate, as he does here.

There is a lot going on in this song, which feels perfect in tone and melody, and is totally committed to its message. Trigga So ends the recording on a high note with “Traction (Outro)” ft. C.F.N Randeno.

Throughout the mixtape “Famous Inna Minute”,  Trigga So continuously displays his ability to transition through any rapping style; making music which is creating an alternative pattern of his own that the music world will fall in love with.


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