July 12, 2024

Liricky ‘314Fontaine’ Cox was born on 4th April 1984 in St. Louis, Mo. Where he still resides to this day. Fontaine’s love of music dates back to when he was 6 years old, listening to gospel music at the church his grandmother worked at, cleaning and preparing for Sunday service. His first taste of Hip-Hop came in the form of No Limit Records, founded by Master P, as he fell in love with many of the artists on the roster. Hearing the song ‘How U Do Dat’ by Young Bleed is what sparked Fontaine to become a rapper. At 12 years old he learnt all the lyrics to the song before changing them to his own and would continue practicing his songwriting ability throughout his teens.

At 17 he formed a rap group called ‘Static Bound’ composed of his cousin ‘Peezy’ and a local female rapper before being replaced by another of his cousins ‘Lady T’. They achieved some local success with help from their managers performing numerous shows around the city. However in 2007 the group, and Fontaine, received heartbreaking news when his bandmate and cousin Peezy was murdered.  This rocked FT’s world and left him devastated, unsure on what to do next he would take a hiatus from making music. Then in 2016 FT picked up the mic again and with a point to prove he dedicated all of his time and effort into his craft. With plenty of years in the game, FT has a polished and unmistakable sound to his music.

Despite being able to hear the inspiration from the aforementioned record label along with the St. Louis grimey sound, there is still plenty of originality and uniqueness to his music. Fontaine’s versatility is unmatched, able to cover a variety of topics, from women and partying to heartbreak and loyalty, from club hits to inspirational songs. FT is not afraid to put his life on display as he speaks on real life experiences, taking his trials and tribulations and turning them into hard hitting street anthems. Whatever the topic of the song, FT manages to tell the story using slick word play and intriguing flows and melodies.

Fontaine is on the up and up having performed to audiences across the city and receiving thousands of streams across all major platforms. Alongside releasing his own music, Fontaine is also the CEO and owner of Black Dolla Empire LLC, ever increasing his presence in the music scene. There is no lack of ambition from the rapper/entrepreneur, feeling he has something to prove to himself and not wanting to let down his family who have been his biggest inspiration and supporters throughout his musical journey. With no shortage of talent or aspirations 314Fontaine is an artist who is only just getting started and is here to stay. R.I.P Peezy

314Fontaine is on radio rotation with the track “Not Regular”


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