June 14, 2024

R&B/Hip-Hop artist Leo, born Leonard Moses, is a Saint Lucian born drummer, singer, songwriter, music producer and DJ. His sound employs pop and dancehall elements working seamlessly to season any genre he performs with a dash of his tropical influences. Whether its music made for dancing or reflecting on past loves and soul ripping heartbreaks, the creations emanating from Leo and his Akee Studios production house is very relevant and relatable. His songs embody his life and the lives of many others who see themselves in every line of his lyrics and every chord progression.

Based in Canada, Leo has seen success in the music industry over the years. From his beginnings as the drummer for XTra Luv – a Saint Lucian cover band – to working the cruise ship circuit as a DJ, he has delved into various aspects of the music industry. Sun-bathing in music cultures all over the world, Leo has built a strong network of business partners and fans who continue to propel his music career. Since his decision to cease riding the cruise ship wave, Leo has shown no signs of letting up. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic has only magnified his work ethic as he continues to release a song every month.

Leo is on radio rotation with the track “And Then (Small Town Guy)”.

Connect with Leo: https://www.instagram.com/leo_ottawa/

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