June 24, 2024

Sonically, the hallmarks on the single, “Belong To Me”, by super-talented singer-songwriter, Onicks, are ultra-cinematic keyboards, pulsating sub-bass, a hard beat, futuristic synthesizer flourishes and caverns of echo, all of which contrast with his resonating, emotional and gritty voice. Right alongside those traits are his yearning lyrics, which wind your sentimental strings as tight as they can go. The three L’s – Love, Lust and Longing – are fundamental to Onicks’ songwriting aesthetic, and proves to be absolutely infectious to the listener. The sound is distinctively Onicks, but a continual progression — it’s somehow sharp and blurry at the same time.

The mood is set from the start, and never lets up, instead building in intensity. Onicks’ music has always been about the perception of sensorial pleasure and pain. Here he once again wraps the sensibility and the passion of his feelings into three and a half minutes of unfiltered emotion, while walking the line between innovation and commerciality. There’s a real sense on “Belong To Me” that he’s closer than ever to striking that perfect balance.

Onicks has bathed his sound in intensely rich textures rather than merely flirting with them; the pedal-to-the-floor throb of “Belong To Me” sounds both bold and intoxicating. Over and above having delivered one of the most powerful and affecting vocal performances, Onicks’ song’s lyrics are direct: “I’ve been searching high and low. When you gimme that something, you belong to me. I’ve been thinking, he’s no good for you. So baby won’t you tell me, you belong to me.”

The song’s catchiness belies its painful melancholy, a sophisticated combination that’s a testament to Onick’s depiction of a relationship that results in a morass of confusing emotions which we seldom process in a linear fashion. “Belong To Me” displays the grandeur of a pop ballad, with a swooning earworm of a chorus, and lyrics that reflect on the will to possess our desires and ambitions, and the fragile threads that hold them together. All with a focus that can only come with hindsight.

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of California, Onicks has put out numerous projects all with varying sounds, and now returns to the limelight with “Belong To Me”. The power of this single, lies in its sonic and lyrical fearlessness. A stunningly impressive project, the song emphasizes Onick’s propensity for letting his voice soar along smoldering rhythms to convey real emotion.

As he evolves, Onicks continues to improve himself, knowing exactly how to leave fans hooked on the authenticity of his songs. He is one of those artists that I can never find any musical faults with, whenever he releases a new track. His music is so easy to listen to, they are all absolute vibes but with a great deal of lyrical depth. Moreover, he always uses his voice to its fullest potential in service of the song.

I have no doubt that “Belong To Me” will be constantly spinning for those who have already heard it. It is packed with enough firepower to create a multidimensional energized atmosphere.


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