May 26, 2024

I have had high expectations for Ferrary Yellow ever since I heard his single “Hammy Down” in 2020. He showed tremendous potential as both a songwriter and rapper right from the get-go. He showcased impressive flows and seemed to have a clear direction of where he wanted to take his music. On his 10 track “M.A.T.M” project, which dropped mid-August we see the rapper come into his own as an artist as he utilizes a variety of expansive beats to complement his effortless flows. His energy-filled and impacting single, “Super Ferrary” takes him to an even higher level. But to the uniformed, the question may be, “Who is Ferrary Yellow?”

Ronnie “Ferrary Yellow” Buchanan was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but was raised by his adopted parents in North Memphis, Tennessee by the Buchanan family. He was raised as an only child but has 9 biological sisters and a son. His early influences include 8 Ball & MJG, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, 2 Pac, and NWA.  Project Pat’s “Mister Don’t Play” was the first album he purchased, while in the 5th grade, launching his passion and ambition.

In 2020 Ferrary Yellow finally took stock of his career potential as an artist, and started his own label YLM (Your Love Manifested). This led to his first live appearances in Missouri and further bookings by popular demand via his manager Scorp from Scorp Entertainment. Singles, mixtapes and an album have followed, while Ferrary Yellow shows no sign of slowing down. He has a list of shows and interviews booked, while his songs steadily find their way to the radio.

Although the most remarkable aspects of his toolkit, is Ferrary Yellow’s technical ability and rasping voice, he also showcases the ability to provide social commentary, be introspective, and deliver impressive cuts, which showcase his qualities to the fullest degree. “Super Ferrary”, is in fact, another display of just how impressive Ferrary Yellow is as a rapper. Here he absolutely lets loose over the beat.

Ferrary Yellow exceeds expectations on this project and should start being aligned amongst other high-level rappers. He is making a statement that he is above and beyond many of his contemporaries in the game. Here he flexes his flow, and the abrasive tone of his voice, over a well-crafted, hard-banging beat. Ferrary Yellow unfolds his status, and state-of-mind, as he spits his hard-nosed truths with the swagger of a veteran.

Ferrary Yellow comes out swinging on “Super Ferrary”, with an intense pace which aggressively dances around in your ears, showcasing both his cognizant word play and rawness. When it comes to bars, wordplay, and a resonating voice, Ferrary Yellow is upper-echelon. However what separates this up-and-coming rapper from his peers, is his refusal to just rely on his lyrical talent and slick wordplay.

Instead Ferrary Yellow combines these skills with a sharp attention to storytelling, and narrating the everyday world of strife and struggles that surrounds him. In the current climate, consumers want something that will catch their ear immediately.

Ferrary Yellow is an artist who can certainly do that, but as his tracks show, once you really focus in and listen with intent, it is evident how special this artist really is. An artist that combines excellent lyricism, production, energy, vibes, and awareness, is one that I can get behind, and Ferrary Yellow does just that.


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