May 25, 2024

Malovabay is a new producer that plays and produces hip hop and dance music. His catalog allows him to collate a series of polished beats, each with its own vibe yet all underpinned by what has become the signature Malovabay instrumentation and groove. During 2021 he has already released a bunch of singles, including “The Filter Of Illusions (Remix)”. If you’ve followed his arc, nothing here will surprise you. His creative uniqueness in an oversaturated electronic and beat making scene is enough to hold this track a cut above the rest, and anything coming from his mold is music worth hearing.

You can hear that he is putting a lot of thought into his work, from the sound to the instrumentation and style. “The Filter Of Illusions (Remix)” can be played as background music at an after work party but you can also imagine it banging in a club setting. The track is everything you’d expect it to be: playful, funky, banging and club oriented. It gives us a further look into the mind of Malovabay as he continues to release music.

Malovabay’s patented multi-faceted musical approach surfaces throughout this project. Here he takes his already heady synthesis of musical prowess and develops a cohesive framework for a head-snapping beat, powered by throbbing basslines, kickass drums, and warm swathes of shimmering keys. Despite the electronic foundation “The Filter Of Illusions (Remix)” is built on, there is a tangible, organic and human element throughout.

I didn’t really know who Malovabay’s was up until this point, and had his single not dropped on my desk, I may not have discovered him. Despite my lack of knowledge on this artist and my surprise at the quality of his work, I am happy that I took the time to listen to this project.

“The Filter Of Illusions (Remix)” is gritty and mellow all at the same time. Malovabay’s choice of chord progression on point, in terms of the keyboard part. Also his use of the percussion is perfect on this cut.

Listening to Malovabay’s work, what becomes clear is the attention to detail that goes into making his music. Every kick, snare, bassline or synth motif, gives an energetic, groovy vibe to his songs. Beats like “The Filter Of Illusions (Remix)” are extremely engaging and give the listener an alluring spark of energy. This kinetic quality is apparent and actual in this track.

The package can’t exist unless you have the skill and ability to rope all the individual elements together, like Malovabay has done here. Bold, bright and bursting with distinctive touches, the pieces all fit together seamlessly, in an extremely good instrumental track. Well put together, with impeccable production, this will be one to beat this year.

“The Filter Of Illusions (Remix)” is exceptionally polished, well above and beyond what most newcomers in his league are putting out. But looking at the number of releases that he has dropped in a short time, Malovabay seems like a whole different beast.


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