July 23, 2024

Every now and then the world of R&B and Pop throws up a female star with a captivating blend of toughness, vulnerability, vocal chops and an unerring ability to create captivating drama within their narratives. Now comes 24 year-old Pittsburgh singer-songwriter RYANE, who, judging from her ability to soak her whole life into her music, is on her way to joining that exalted club. She’s been raking in critical acclaim, winning showcase competitions, networking with top industry figures, and leaving her footprints across, Tampa, Atlanta and New York, with Miami coming up soon.

Moreover, RYANE is now under new management with the top independent player, and successful businessman, Tjuan Benafactor, and sees the powerhouse singer-songwriter signed to, and distributed by VIP Records/Empire. All of which promises more exiting developments up ahead.

“Good Intentions” is distinguished by its tough and honest theme, heightened by RYANE chillingly vivacious voice, which can go from an emotional whisper to a heartfelt soar, in less than a blink of an eye. Salacious lyrics mix with a slow and addictive bass line and invites you into a world where you want to know the secrets of RYANE’s intimate desires and passions.

The song seamlessly interweaves poignant content in a strong progression. RYANE meticulously deconstructs the pressure, the pitfalls, the attraction and the craving, when contemplating hooking up with someone you yearn for. “Good Intentions” finds RYANE detailing her own heart when it comes to love and lust.

A fearless lover and self-aware of her own true qualities in love, but still unsure of a predisposition for a determined commitment, RYANE asks the question: “So do we take the risk of playing this game, where we might never come back from this the same? Is this what we want in the end? Is this just fun, what’s your intentions?” Slick, polished and boasting a seriously impressive vocal, her brutally honest, and grown-up songwriting delves deep.

RYANE has all of the potential to leave a lasting imprint on the music scene. She delivers strong and authentic music with her own unique, and emoting vocal fusion. On this record RYANE conjures up a narrative that’s so addictive and powerful, and yet vulnerable that it cuts to the core straight away. She then dresses her lyrics with a textured soundscape and an impressive vocal register that is quite literally a masterclass in communication.

RYANE’s latest single “Good Intentions”, is a victory in every sense of the word. It conveys all the sentiments and feelings that we have experienced in relationships. RYANE’s maturity as a creative voice is clear here. She has delved deep into her artistry and exhibited her musical palette in ways that accentuate her vocal virtuosity and emphasize her uniqueness.

“Good Intentions” is truly a superb body of work that elevates RYANE’s already stellar status in the underground. Her obvious talent shines through on a track like this. The Pittsburgh singer-songwriter delivers straight fire – a hypnotic beat, magnetic vocals, and an emotional narrative, are only a few of the attributes that make this track irresistible.


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