April 23, 2024

“Come Ride”, the new single by I.K.M.B.T explores the honesty and passion in relationships, as he sings the opening lines: “Baby please don’t you ever fake your love”. While he furrows his brow and applies the introspective articulation on the subject, the production creates a superb soundscape full of intricate, detailed and unexpected sinew and muscle. It floats between soul, R&B, hiphop and reggae, effortlessly binding the blend into a captivating mix. Coming from the birthplace of the voodoo religion, Benin, I.K.M.B.T who currently resides in the Bronx, seeks to spread love and peace. He follows the maxim “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will”, which comes from Matthew 6:33.

I.K.M.B.T raps and sings with the swagger and suave sophistication that have been his hallmarks for the majority of his releases. In pure musical terms, his catalog is a joy to play all the way through, a radiant blend of styles dense with instrumentation: a blast of keys here, a squiggly guitar lick there, with liquid bass lines and smart smacking drums throughout. All the time, I.K.M.B.T seems to be in total control of his talent.

“Come Ride” is bright, striking and compelling, as old-school sounds and notions are beautifully embedded into a new, fresh sounding hinterland. I.K.M.B.T really brought a smooth and soulful mesh of sound to the table with this one and will surely blow up as a result. I know for a fact that I will be jamming and cruising to this track. I.K.M.B.T really is one of those special talented artists with the ear for quality beat and sound from whom you can always expect to bring it.

The best artists tend to invoke an image within the minds of their listeners, be it of a certain place or a nostalgic glimmer of a particular time period. For I.K.M.B.T and “Come Ride” it’s hard to imagine anything but breezing past sun-soaked beaches, embracing the top-down convertible lifestyle, while this track is blasting from the sound system. I.K.M.B.T voice alternates between silky soulful smooth to rhapsodic and rasp, carrying both the tribulations of life with the glorious sweetness that is part of it.

“Come Ride” is everything it needed to be. I.K.M.B.T soul-centric reggae sound gives the track a polished groove that carries it through the sentimental, perky and honest lyrics, without letting the song drag. Furthermore, I.K.M.B.T conveys a warm, deep core throughout the record which earns it immediate authenticity. The artist’s great success is showing equal force both in his creative song-writing ability and talent as a vocalist.

This combination, as well as the sound production on “Come Ride”, allows I.K.M.B.T to switch between singing hooks and rapping lines, keeping an audience intrigued by his content and the story he has to tell. In pursuit of the dream I.K.M.B.T has envisioned for himself, throughout “Come Ride” he reminds everyone of his potential for real greatness. Moreover, his varying cadence and ear for an interesting pop melody really elevates this record.

I.K.M.B.T’s voice stretches and simmers in service of coating the musical blend in “Come Ride”. The tonal palette is warm, lush and rhythmic, with a transporting quality that sends the listener into I.K.M.B.T’s world. “Come Ride” proves that there are still many sounds to be made and many new grooves that I.K.M.B.T can move in.


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