July 20, 2024

I recently laid my ears on the brand new album, entitled “LOVED”, by Lolita Moore, and one of the reasons I truly appreciate this music is because of the transparency and authenticity in the songs. The lyrics speak directly to the situations that affect our own daily lives. The struggles, the insecurities, the hopes and the joys that we all go though, is portrayed so beautifully, eloquently and without judgement in this music, and that is a powerful testimony. When you need the Holy Spirit and the power of God to set you free, Lolita can put those testimonies into song form, and remind you of the victory and power you have alongside Jesus Christ.

Based in Sacramento, and born in the Bay Area, Lolita started singing from the age of just five. At eighteen she realized her singer-songwriting talent, and began sharing her gift with local churches, festivals and various community events. Now an award-winning gospel singer, the multi-talented artist has supported top-tier gospel artists like Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Norman Hutchins, The Pace Sisters, Donald Lawrence, Amar Khalil of Tony, Toni, Tone and many more.

What’s great about Lolita Moore as a gospel artist is that she keeps up with the times, and her music is a powerful blend of R&B, Soul, Gospel and Funk. So “LOVED” continues to prove to the mainstream world that there is a place for Christian gospel music to sound relevant and amazing. The album feels effortless yet you can hear how much time and passion went into this project. Here on these 13 freshly recorded tracks, we are accompanied into a world where God loves us in spite of our innumerable flaws.

Lolita Moore has the ability to sing straight into your soul. She can sing soft and low, high and loud, and powerfully soar like a diva when she needs to. She has a very subtle, but distinct rasp in her voice that adds an extra edge of authenticity to her words. All the while, the air of “LOVED” doesn’t feel jammed, withdrawn or even old-fashioned. Instead, using endless choices of musical styles, Lolita gives this album an all-encompassing modern edge without for a moment discarding the greater matters of faith.

Right from the opening title track, “Loved”, Lolita Moore puts her personal stamp on the proceedings. “One act of kindness is all it takes, to help a fellowman feel good enough to make it through another day,” sings Lolita, in a song which explicitly tells us that everybody wants to be loved. “God Is Good” shares Lolita’s experiences of God. It is a song of declaration and the strong vocals are sure to get listeners to ascend with boldness, leaving the past behind and moving forward.

“Heaven” is a slow-burning ballad that strikes straight at the soul. The edgy guitar will keep your head bobbing while also compelling you to listen to the lyrics. “The Blood” rides on a funky bass driven bounce and the soulful grit of Lolita’s vocals. “His Grace” takes you on a journey as Lolita shares about her imperfections, and challenges, and how she came to hold tight to the grace of the Lord. “Everything” is a truly magnificent example of the way gospel stylings have developed to become as good (and often better) than anything in the mainstream marketplace.

“God Is Love” is a cry of faith and very apt for the times we are in, while “Do You Know The Man” is a funk induced soul anthem, imbued with a powerful horn section and a thumping rhythm. “Holy One” switches the sonic template before bringing us to another album highlight in “Doesn’t Matter”. Aside from her mesmerizing vocals, Lolita Moore sings with a deep conviction and passion. Ultimately, it’s about ministry and Lolita sounds totally anointed, as she takes us through the final tracks; “Good News”, “Right Now” and “Hold On”.

In the end, “LOVED” delivers 13 power-packed tracks that will remind you of God’s grace on your life. While listening you hear Lolita Moore’s sincerity and soulful voice that reaches directly to the core of your heart. There’s no doubt that this album does total justice to her powerful ministry. And even if you dared to take away the ministry, you’d still be left with a stunning singer, and a superlative musical album!


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