May 25, 2024

A gorgeously rich, impressively dynamic voice encased in a driving upbeat EDM beat: Lance Mitchell’s ultra-cool artistic persona is infectiously appealing on “Litty” featuring Wu-Tang affiliate, Killah Priest. The music video was filmed in Alaska’s capital city, in the infamous Viking Lounge, with entertaining dancers and local club goers. It also features two amazing deejays, DJ Manu and DJ TBone. Blared out in clubs and blasted out of cars, this soulful ‘good vibes’ song, should generate some real dancefloor hype.

Sweeping cinematically through the thumping production, Lance Mitchell expertly mixes supreme choruses, with pure lustful synths, and banging percussion, tearing at, and then melting your senses with his resonating velvet tones. He offers a deliciously focused slice of dancefloor bliss, and it works because the song is really good, with fireworks resulting when Killah Priest as wordsmith, is paired with Mitchell as the melody man.

Lance Mitchell sets delightful melodic trapdoors, all throughout “Litty” ft. Killah Priest, as in how the playful verse erupts into a soaring anthemic chorus. Great music, sung from the soul for the soul, in dance music, is a rarity, but Mitchell pulls it off with aplomb.

The singer’s strength is attempting to meld his soulful vocals and the electronic music together in a unique way. It’s his voice that carries the project to a higher level than it already is, with the production, and the inclusion of Killah Priest’s rhymes.

Big sounding singles can often become milestones, and “Litty” ft. Killah Priest, has all the potential to do so. Lance Mitchell is aware of his strengths, and he’s not afraid to brandish them here. Though it’s designed to be a dancefloor showstopper, “Litty” makes a persuasive play for mainstream chart relevance.

Undeniably charismatic and talented, Lance Mitchell has managed to make this song both soulful and catchy.  All the while underpinning an ecstatic dance beat. Mitchell sings with an intensity that few of his contemporaries can match.

Lance Mitchell is simultaneously soulful, bombastic, and sophisticated. He’s got big-lunged skills, and tuneful notes among his most extraordinary assets. On “Litty” ft. Killah Priest, he sets a stadium-sized melody, which encapsulates Saturday-night transcendence.

Throughout the track, he hits his target verse after butt-shaking verse: no diversions, no fluff, just rhythm and vocal quintessence. Mitchell brought his own unique brand of personal magic to the song. It’s clear that this is all set up to be some wonderful dance club fantasy.

From the vocal to the rapping, everything works hand-in-hand to create a one-of-a-kind EDM gem. With this track, Lance Mitchell makes the art of his vocals seem hip and totally relevant. When an artist is armed with a voice so instantly distinguishable, and so powerful, it’s impossible to think mainstream success will elude him for too long.

“Litty” ft. Killah Priest should guarantee Lance Mitchell a wide plateau of new fans; it’s a refreshing modern day soul-inspired dance record with just enough grit and suave smoothness to appeal to a mass audience.


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