May 24, 2024

Henry Melvin Lorenz aka Young LSN, was born and raised in Germany as an African. His father is from Germany and his mother is from Kenya. The RnB/Rap artist spent most of his childhood with his mother and grandmother, and got into music because his entire family was into it. As a kid he was inspired by artists like Chris Brown, Drake, Jason Derulo, Ne-Yo, Mario and others. He danced, rapped and sang, but never took it seriously until recently, when he started going public in 2020 under the moniker of Young Melvin. He found recognition as Young LSN with the group Rasho Gang, when along with Midnight and Champ The Rapper, their Instagram freestyles reached a welcoming audience. He later went on to do his own freestyle videos, meeting up with the professional team SixtySevenMusic, and his collaboration with B.$. Memoji, DJ Aydee and Edgar Dante has continued since.

Young LSN’s latest EP is entitled “Heartbroken Doubts”. This recording was not purposely planned, but came into being while the artist was in the booth recording. He was going through the texts on his phone while working on a song, when he started to think about his ex-girlfriend. It was a relationship he never took seriously at the time due to personal doubts, until it was over.

All of which caused him pain. These thoughts weighed heavily on his heart, making it feel broken. Hence the EP title. Love, sex and all its obstacles are the major themes at the heart of the music, but Young LSN is able to make the exploration a distinctive experience.

Made up of just two songs and a skit, “Heartbroken Doubts” cuts to the core and gets right down to the real emotion and key elements behind the story. After the opening “The Call (Skit”), the EP opens musically with “Perfect Picture”, which instantly draws the listener in with a hypnotic and banging 808 bottom end that sets the tone for the rest of the track.

The song begins with brutally honest lines from Young LSN, capturing the kind of raw sincerity that one might expect from a song like this.

The explicit lyrics, the thrusting beat, and some impressive melodic notes and an energetic flow from Young LSN start the EP off strong.  Unafraid to share his feelings, the artist unpacks his thoughts without filtering his emotions.

With such an intense focus on haunting synths, a banging rhythm, and sensitive lyricism, Young LSN crystallizes exactly what makes his brand of RnB/Rap so unique. While his mainstream peers have become more and more polished as time goes by, Young LSN’s lack of a filter makes everything he writes more relatable.

The slower “Penthouse” sticks stoically to the unfiltered template, blending sexual and emotional intimacy, while Young LSN shows off both, his singing and rapping skills. Among the brooding synths and the slow-burning beat, are a lot of mood-inducing textures to be heard in the track’s production.

Young LSN knows his sound, and is able to weave his way across the beat effortlessly, whether he is in melodic or rap mode. His storytelling is also top notch, as is the gritty tone of his voice. No doubt, Young LSN is keenly aware of his artistic strengths. It’s an awareness that shines throughout “Heartbroken Doubts”.


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