June 18, 2024

It’s hard to keep a good man down. And when it comes to music, new artist Gtour sure sounds like a good man, in terms of high quality. He delivers a classic single with ‘Thank you Jah’, that is sure to go down a treat with the masses. This release effectively embraces the reggae style, with tip-top production, enabling the artist’s versatile voice to dip and soar in homage to Jah. Diverting from the usual revolutionary themes, the artist turns his attention here to the all-important matters of faith, acknowledgement and thankfulness. And in doing so, his ability to seduce the crowds through music cannot be argued with.

The track opens with warm keys, setting the scene for some sensitive percussion, as Gtour’s neat vocal interplays serve to confirm the depth of the artist’s faith-driven disposition. ‘Thank you Jah’ allows Gtour to deploy his extensive vocal range in a hip-hop and rap style, as he declares the object and the reasons of his devotion. Delicate and sweet piano notes serve as a lovely counterpoint to Gtour’s regularly convincing deliveries, as the hi-hats skitter in the background.

Reggae devices are a plenty on ‘Thank you Jah’, and whilst Gtour shows us that his motives for glorifying Jah are honest and pure, the nature of the delivery also suggests that his love and passion for daily life and the people that surround him, is not far from the surface of his thoughts. Gtour focuses on positive vibrations and messages. His self-affirming, self-confident delivery exuding the rewards of maintaining a thankful and righteous path.

Gtour has ensured that the sound on ‘Thank you Jah’ is intricate and modern – therefore being able to attract the most diverse number of demographics possible. This is important when you have a lot to say – which GTour certainly does.

Not only has the artist created something musically sweeping and engaging for all generations, but it pervades a positive message of gratitude throughout. A sentiment most of us have forgotten or completely take for granted.

Gtour’s voice rings clearly throughout ‘Thank you Jah’, as does the smooth rolling of his tongue. He hits all the right notes and tones as he professes his eternal gratitude to Jah for allowing him to have the life that he has, and his mother for giving birth to him.

This deep recognition the singer feels toward life and its creator, and the feeling shining through his words convince us that it’s not just empty talk. The track flows naturally and smoothly like a steadily-moving river, where Gtour shows himself to be a truly talented artist.

‘Thank you Jah’, released via DK Records, is an expansive and inventive project from Gtour. The production work, along with a swathe of the engineering and mixing, results in a near-faultless track that sounds like finely-tuned perfection. Gtour is a truly worthy artist and this single showcases the length and breadth of his skills. All eyes and ears on this new artist!


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