May 28, 2024

In a year already saturated with great hip-hop releases, “Lonely Nights” the new single by Lil Pentagram, is refreshing. It features Kid Trunks, a multiple billboard chart award winning artist who is part of “Members Only” led by XXXTENTACION and Slump God Ski Mask. The sophisticated beat – twisting and turning through multiple melodic rhymes – features the artists at their best. The single highlights Lil Pentagram’s ambition, which is amplified by the bumping production. It seems he has truly found a captivating voice for himself, and is carving out an interesting niche among the hip-hop and pop communities. When he is in his own unique lane, the music excels.

For those who have not yet heard of Lil Pentagram, “Lonely Nights” presents a strong entrance for the artist. It showcases a dedicated singer comfortably advancing along with the trends of modern hip-hop. He has the creative hunger of an artist who knows he is working towards reaching the top of his craft.

Lil Pentagram, together with Kid Trunks, has crafted a phenomenal track with broad appeal through a clever blend of raw talent, musical experimentation and pure charismatic power.

“Lonely Nights” much more than a hollow pop song, it’s a statement. It is a triumph in self-expression. The luscious production and banging groove compliment Lil Pentagram’s vocal performance, as he sings from the heart. In nearly four tightly packed minutes, the song is really bouncy, and Lil Pentagram’s flow sounds extremely good on top of the drums, keys and bass. The chorus here is really catchy, too.

It’s not just the satisfying pop structures that effortlessly climb down from Lil Pentagram’s mindset and fill his music that makes “Lonely Nights” such an electric ride, nor is it simply the unending string of sharp one-liners, coming consistently but never sounding forced.

It’s also that Lil Pentagram sounds even better as a singer than he ever has before, remarkably confident and melodic. He executes his role with believability, authenticity, and passion.

A quick run through his track list online, and you will notice how Lil Pentagram somehow always finds a way to impress people with his music and always comes out with catchy stuff. His songs are ones you can listen to more than a handful of times.

This same successful formula applies to “Lonely Nights”. The vocal flow on the track feels nearly effortless, as Lil Pentagram’s charisma dominates the proceedings. The production is flawless, and cool when played at the utmost highest volume.

The melody comes full force, while the rhymes are relentless, in an emotionally twisted narrative. Even the little skills such as mastering voice inflections are all in play in this song along with a hypnotizing hook that will live in your head. In every way “Lonely Nights” feels like another step forward for an artist already able to seamlessly flow over pop, hip-hop, and alternative production to show off his immense talents.

Regardless of the song’s all-embracing sound, Lil Pentagram still manages to maintain a certain uniqueness that will keep him well above the fray. And if the sound of “Lonely Nights” is any indicator, we will be hearing a lot more from this artist in the years to come.


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