May 25, 2024

Zach C-R is a musician, rapper and singer-songwriter originally from the UK, now living in Adelaide, Australia. Zach writes, records, and produces all his original music from a bedroom studio, utilizing a unique sound and writing style, with indie Hip-Hop tones, banging melodies, and original music with passionate lyrics. His motto is: “Conscience is key, don’t be a d**k”. On his latest single, “Bone Idle”, Zach C-R’s voice is warm, heartfelt, and conversational. It’s immediately clear. This is a sincere, soulful project, brimming with honesty and humble perseverance. He is a confident and unique presence, with a strong command of style and genre as a producer and songwriter.

Zach C-R leapfrogs genres in a song that examines vulnerabilities, expectations and aspirations. His musical and emotional generosity ties everything together, making “Bone Idle” an expansive four-minute opus that flows in multiple directions, on a steady slow-burning beat.

This is powerful introspective art, for everyone fighting demons, or existing inside personal and societal constraints. It’s a reminder that you need to be extremely fortified to reach beyond your own doubt and limits, or those set upon you. And sometimes that’s not even enough.

“I’ve been counting days since I’ve had sleep, and all my thoughts are loud but I don’t hear them. Evil when it’s silent. I can’t reach in, and pull myself out of this hole,” laments Zach C-R. His versatility is all-embracing.

Sonically the track beautifully flows together, between rapping and singing, and is very alluring to the ears. It certainly feels like Zach C-R personally experienced these feeling, as he has developed a genuine connection with the emotions portrayed in this music.

Additionally, Zach C-R skills as a musician and producer are evident throughout “Bone Idle”, leading to the uniquely affecting instrumental. In fact “Bone Idle” can be considered a true reflection of his growth as a musician and as a performer. Resulting in a highly polished recording all-round.

Zach C-R leans into the resonant soul of his voice, capturing his essence with a heartfelt honesty and maturity. There’s an immediate natural ease within the tortured narrative. One that feels strengthened by a deeper worldliness and understanding.

“Bone Idle”, sees the sweeping vision of an astutely observant artist, deftly making its case. Equal parts analytical, genuine and humble, the builds on the glowing charm of Zach C-R’s voice, while doubling down on the engaging atmosphere and lush instrumentation.

Zach C-R takes special care to keep his soundscape focused yet broad, not only in influence, but in scope. The record has an inherent sonic and percussive movement, as if the instruments are dancing with the narrative.

With “Bone Idle”, Zach C-R has delivered a record that showcases his virtuous songwriting, production and vocal skills. Beyond any critical examination, just as someone who loves music, I truly adore this record, which may be the best sales pitch I could possibly give. Its artists like Zach C-R who move us towards a more expressive, expansive crossover genre of music. “Bone Idle” sits comfortably at the juncture where the cerebral and visceral in music meet.


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