May 27, 2024

Akoben is a London based producer and collaborator who creates Afrobeats and other enticing musical infusions that deliver vibes. From what I found out, the name Akoben means “war horn.” It is a symbol of a call to action, a readiness and voluntarism. That is exactly what this artist brings to the table – a readiness to collaborate where music can thrive and reach its maximum. And these values are brought to the single “Forever” ft. Gulsah Brett – a beautifully constructed work soaked in a swaying rhythm, and spiced with both English and Turkish lyrics, for a smooth and exhilarating listening experience.

Akoben builds a chill, but driving electro Afrobeats foundation, while on top, Gulsah Brett’s Shakira-like vocals ignites a sensual and all-embracing romantic sensation.  “I don’t think I can wait no more, cause boy, your body’s been on my mind. Take my hand, hold me tight real close. Just come with me, don’t know what we’ll find. Me and you, and you and me, and us together today, no matter, whatever. Take my hand and hold me tight and baby one can be two forever and ever,” sings Brett rather persuasively.

In mixing and melody, Akoben tends to choose his vocals and instruments carefully. His arrangements, consequently, are just so beautifully economic and to the point. With this attitude Akoben manages to avoid over complex soundscapes while managing to craft a sparkling track far beyond the sum of its parts.

Throughout, the producer strength is doing so much with just the right amount of instrumentation and effects. The shuffling percussion, the shimmering keys, and the mellifluous vocals, is enough to weave a tapestry of aural ecstasy.

Akoben’s efficient stylings shine brightly through “Forever” ft. Gulsah Brett. It has a subtle confidence that beds in after each listen. “Forever’s” superior sound stylings are culled from Akoben’s deep understanding of music past and present.

Hence he builds a groove that borrows as much from the rhythms of history, as from the electronic sounds of tomorrow. The result is a kaleidoscopic experience, creating a cross-culture musical collage as captivating as this. The sound design throughout, of popping percussion, keys that melt like butter and a healthy dose of melody, makes everything bump.

Sprinkled around “Forever” ft. Gulsah Brett are concise instrumental passages that keep the record flowing in characterful fashion, whether it be the shimmering electric piano and Afrobeats vibe, Akoben has struck such a balance that his production talents still shine through on this vocal track.

All in all, this latest track from Akoben has blown away our expectations. From beginning to end, he delivers something fresh and exciting. “Forever” ft. Gulsah Brett really builds on all of the wonderful things that Akoben is known for from his previous tracks.

If someone asked me to play something that shows what people can expect from Akoben, this is one of the songs that I could go with for sure. “Forever” ft. Gulsah Brett is one of those songs where the build-up and drive of the instrumental is super cool, yet wholly rhythmic and vibrant.


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