July 18, 2024

NIK:11 has produced and released one hit track after another worldwide, from bouncy EDM, Big-Room beats to Electro and Tech House, Setting trends, NIK:11 is energizing the music world with each track she drops and has been hitting us hard on the Dance Music Charts.

EDM Producer, Songwriter, Artist and NIK:11 has been coming on strong reaching new heights as her new track “KICKBACK” hit the Billboard Dance Chart. The “KICKBACK” mixes climbed up the Billboard Dance Chart to Top 20 and stayed on the Dance Chart for 11 weeks, holding titles such as Top 5 “Breakout Artist” and Top 20 “Power Pick”.

NIK:11 climbed to the Top 10 on the Music Week Dance Chart in the United Kingdom and held titles such as “Greatest Gainer”, climbing from Top 50 to Top 10 in just one week.

NIK:11 hit the top of the charts once again, hitting No. 2 after staying on the Dance Music Charts in France for weeks in 2021.

NIK:11 also became a two time award winning EDM Producer, Artist and Songwriter, when the HMMA Grammy Award winning panel, awarded NIK:11 the “Best EDM Artist” title for track 6AM and TOUC11. https://youtu.be/y3Lb3bdyYvw

NIK:11 also creates, writes and produces her own music videos reaching over a million views and is on the right track to EDM stardom. NIK:11 won her second consecutive HMMA Award for “Best EDM Artist” and has been hitting the Billboard Dance Chart with her track “KICKBACK” featuring Ouiwey Collins, the son of the legendary, Grammy Award Winner William “Bootsy” Collins. https://www.youtube.com/c/NIK1111

On top of her huge charting news and big wins, NIK:11 has had one colorful career touring on several tours and festivals in America, Japan and Europe with many famous recording artists and producers earning national and international recognition.

While touring NIK:11 has drawn the attention for licensing opportunities such as Peloton, TikTok, Apple Fitness, Equinox and Amazon to name a few and on popular television networks like NBC, VH1 and MTV. NIK:11 has also been featured in major publications such as “Billboard”, “Entertainment Weekly”, “Indie Source Magazine”, and many more.

NIK:11 has also been a working actor for many years and has had the privilege to work with actors such as Jeremy Piven, Jon Favreau and David Spade with starring, supporting and feature roles in both television and film. As a SAG/AFTRA actor, NIK:11 has worked with companies such as 20th Century Fox, Warren Zide Productions, E!! Entertainment and Lionsgate Productions and has been featured in both TV and Film such as E!! Channel, Inside Edition, TMZ, Today Show, and NBC.

NIK:11 is on radio rotation with the track, SE7EN produced by VODZILLA.

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