May 26, 2024

In a sphere of thought where a singular narrative often holds precedence, Apostle Makhario’s inclusion of multiple stories to tell his version of faith is refreshing and challenges the perspective that might confine Christian artists like himself, to one sonic definition. Each track on “In Dependence”, the artist’ third album tells the overarching story of his love for the Lord, lending itself to the linear narrative and rendering the puzzle that is Apostle Makhario’s belief in God, into one wholesome picture. It’s clear that the album was intentional from start to finish. The beautiful thing about the record is that it fits many varying moods. Sometimes his stance is bold and aggressive, then it may switch to being smoother and calculated, however each delivery makes for compelling rap music.

Born in Detroit Michigan, Apostle Makhario doesn’t follow the ever-changing popular trends, instead he is concentrated on beating his own path musically, and sending out messages that he feels will make a positive difference in this world. Balancing a burning Christian consciousness with disarming authenticity, the artist delivers an electrifying jolt to the senses and expresses the genuine, righteous, and respectful emotions of the devoted human being that’s so sorely lacking in today’s formulaic world of throwaway hip-hop.

Kicking the album off with “Going Strong”, Apostle Makhario quickly lays his talents out on the table. True to its title, the song elaborates on the presence of God, and the strength that the knowledge of his presence emanates to disciples like Apostle.

“Ha Ha Haters” brings a melodic twist, as the rapper states that he remains untouched by haters due to the power of the Lord. “Fear God” rolls in on a poignant musical motif, before the banging drums set forth the momentum, and Apostle Makhario’s forceful delivery takes center-stage in a powerful track.

“God With No Chasers” reminds us of all the distractions that draw us away from the Lord, and advises us to find and follow the right path, while avoiding the fickle obstacles put in our way. It forces the listener to confront unsettling realities we’re exposed to every day.

“Breathe” rides on a piano and string driven beat, as Apostle Makhario continues to showcase the advantages of worshipping God above all else. While songs like the funky and catchy “Comforter”, has the power to stop listeners in their tracks. Apostle is able to fearlessly educate and convey strong emotion with his meticulous deliveries.

“Beyond Feelings” maintains the album’s momentum, as Apostle Makhario flows effortlessly over another slamming beat. “All Day, All Night” is full of deep bass and dynamic strings, as Apostle passionately chants his uplifting mantra.

This track is an example of the many things I appreciate about the artist. His diction is precise, his message is articulate, and his flow is distinct, but things get even better on “Nothing That They Say”. Here Apostle Makhario raises the watermark to an all-time personal high, as far as his technical skills are concerned.

Apostle Makhario delivers insanely fast rhymes on “Nothing That They Say”, not once stumbling over his intense patterns and sharp wordplay. There’s nothing more rewarding than giving your heart away in worship, and nothing promotes unity in the body of Christ better, this is the message that comes through the album’s final track, “Joy and Favor”.

All throughout this album Apostle Makhario breathes life into these praise and worship songs, and holds them up for his audience to see that he’s proud of his faith. It’s most definitely worth your time to check out.


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