May 30, 2024

Cleveland, Ohio rapper Jameel Patrick, returns with his highly anticipated studio album, “Crepuscular: The Symphony”. He has once again put together a fully enjoyable, well-rounded album, infused with his faith-based inspirations.  Jameel continues to exhibit a mad flow, dropping top-notch rhymes and weaving incredible tales. When you have the skills he does, you can overcome all the tags they drop on Christian rappers. He’s completely open and honest about his own issues, and is focused enough to pick up and elaborate on, those of others. He continues to serve up relatable music that delivers it’s messages, in a different way than most faith-based artists do. On this album, the bars are potent, the beats are banging, the instrumentation is epically cinematic, and Jameel Patrick is at his most authentic.

The energy is ramped up, and the production is symphonic-like, yet incredibly warm on the opening “Intro” track. It quickly sets the tone for what promises to be a larger than life sounding album. The reverberating piano on “Tenebrous” ft. Mutters, confirms the album’s big-sounding attitude.

The charge is further led by awesome, high-flying background vocals, and Jameel Patrick’s insistent rhymes. “Denoument” runs on a throbbing bassline and twinkling keys. At the forefront Jameel delivers a powerful narrative which pushes the momentum.

“Save Me” ft. J Ultimate & HeyMrNoOdLeS is beautiful, melodic and pressing.  It’s indicative of a man looking to get more out of the world than what he currently is. Also, like the best songs on this album, the hook is very memorable.

“Vibe” has a particular attitude and smooth swagger boding in its favor. This is classic hip-hop through and through, but it’s fresh and modern. Entering the homestretch, “Not Normal” ft. Jordy, is even more intriguing as it excels at showing off quick-paced rhymes, and quaint accented phrasing.

“Schism” explodes with bombastic 8o8’s and dirty, noisy guitars, before expanding and morphing into something completely different, showing all of the production’s creativity. “Blue Flame” hits its stride with an effort as lyrically impactful and honest as ever.

It bleeds and breathes with a transformative and therapeutic power. Jameel Patrick’s flow is copious and clear; never mumbling. He skirts around the instrumentation, rapping confidently with the tempo and the pliability of his rhymes for a compelling and wholehearted performance.

All in all, “Crepuscular: The Symphony” is an impressive next step in Jameel Patrick’s musical and personal journey. Those familiar with past records know there is nothing shallow about Jameel’s music. The lyrics aren’t superficial, and the beats are all thoroughly fleshed-out, and exquisitely produced.

The mood, layering and attention to detail is always exceptional in the music. The album also brings each song theme, to a perfect resolution and leaves fans hungry for more. Moreover, it’s not hard to connect with Jameel as a person when listening to his music.

If you’re a fist-time listener, “Crepuscular: The Symphony” is a perfect jump on point to his music, and will also satisfy die-hard fans who have been following Jameel Patrick since the beginning.


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