June 18, 2024

Goddess Dorthea’s latest project cements her signature sound, a deeply chill and often spiritual spin on R&B that finds her dispensing real talk with an airy, conversational vocal presence. The aesthetic is incomparable to anyone else’s, as few singers are able to inhabit this specific sonic environment as naturally she does. With a candidness matched by few of her peers, Goddess Dorthea adeptly blurs the line between rapping, the spoken word, and singing, creating the feeling that you are listening to a phone call from a very close and dear friend. So much of the genre’s mainstream music today is treading dark territory because it exists in shadows, while Goddess Dorthea’s frank talents exist in an area of light.

Light an incense, open your windows and let Goddess Dorthea’s light in because it’s time for some healing. “The Soul HealHer: Rebirth” is an 8 track album “dedicated to inspiring soul healing, manifestation, and blessings to every listener.”

Professionally recorded at the Heaven Gates Studio and mixed to perfection by her husband Savior Monroe, the album is a part of Goddess Dorthea’s spiritual counseling ministry to create a new generation, of healing the people and the planet.

“The Soul HealHer: Rebirth” consists of eight tracks that each play beautifully on their own, but blend seamlessly into each other. There is not one song that drags on for too long, or any section of the album that begs to be skipped.

With every listen of this album you’ll find new reasons to love a different track.  Each song and each new rhythm pulls you in like a tide in the ocean. Goddess Dorthea knows her strengths and capitalizes on them without any extra flashy superficialities

It’s amazing yet unsurprising how Goddess Dorthea manages to create an album that simultaneously encourages you to vibe out and reflect deeply, while also moving your body, with the confidence of a spiritual goddess. Right from the opening track “Better All One”.

The album shows itself to heal broken-hearted souls and give them a sense of peace within themselves. This continues on the hypnotic sway of “Start Over”, and confirmed on the faith-infused slow burn of “Found My Light”.

It’s a reminder to inhale the word of God, especially when everything in your world feels wrong and out of balance. Completely invested in the healing power of music, Goddess Dorthea continues with her wisdoms on the bouncy bass-driven “Healing My Shadows”.

Many of these songs are incredibly therapeutic to listen to, which makes sense, as Goddess Dorthea turns her own experiences and thoughts into art, with the goal of offering a healing process with the album.

Goddess Dorthea incorporates soft, meditative harmonies into “My Reflection”. It’s a track that brings a sense of redemption, self-discovery and self-empowerment with it. Track after track, this album feels like a necessary body of work, and sets itself apart mainly because of its unforced delivery, and how Goddess Dorthea processes life through words and melody.

The album continues with the shimmering haze of “Came Too Far”, and “InHerRebirth” which centers you, calms you, and makes you analyze the ways you are figuring things out for yourself.

The album finally closes with the trap-infused “Soul Sister Love” ft. Livia. Goddess Dorthea has reached a new level of inner peace and wholeness on this album, you can hear it in her joyful vocal performances and smart songwriting.  The album’s track listing is impeccable and matches the scrupulous production. The transitions from track to track tell a story of an artist kicking into her higher gear, emotionally, spiritually and artistically!



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