July 12, 2024

Returning with extreme intensity, critically acclaimed spitter, B’zurkk is back with a brand new single project entitled “The Art of Serial Resurrection”. Born in Portales and raised in Clovis, NM, while currently residing in Englewood, CO, B’zurkk is constantly pushing his game forward. Living up to his reputation, he rips through this track with all the thought-out energy, ominous unpredictability, and epic scope of a bygone legend. B’zurkk’s musical maturity is ever present in this cut. This new single remains characteristically B’zurkk, with his highly expressive and rap style grabbing your attention.

Lyrics aside, B’zurkk’s flow is unique and his beats are courageous, for an overall sound that is raw, yet refined. “The Art of Serial Resurrection” demonstrates the artist’s command of just about every aspect of the creation process, with production by Cellblock Productions. B’zurkk puts out what he wants when he wants, effectively thinking out loud to music fans. His recent releases have been an extension of this, as he evolves out of his past, rounding his craft out in the process.

At this point in his career, B’zurkk is developing his own lyrical style and delivery through mindful songwriting. Similar to his other releases, there is a cohesive story line which dips in and out of focus with the changing moods and scenes from bar to bar. As the song develops and opens up, it builds intensity until it’s another quintessential B’zurkk, no-hook storytelling soundscape. There’s a lot to be said for his delivery; it is where he finds a comfortable cruising speed musically.

B’zurkk fills the song to the brim with words, weaving a story with characteristic certitude. If you’re in with B’zurkk you’re in 100%. He’s the kind of artist that’s undecipherable when you first meet his music, but once you’ve decided that he’s cool, it’s hard to breakaway. His earnest attitude means he can get away with all sorts of lines. He has opened up his soul on each release, getting more confident at expressing his self-aware mindset.

Moreover he’s spent his time experimenting with flows and choosing sounds to create his own world, unique to his style of artistry. And it’s all evident on “The Art of Serial Resurrection”. The production rides on a warping stringed instrument and a shuffling drumbeat, while on top B’zurkks gravelly tone runs through the narrative. It’s hard to find anything wrong with this single. Somehow, B’zurkk managed to create another amazing, and original project.

“The Art of Serial Resurrection” is the perfect example of an artist who never stops developing. B’zurkk is one of the few artists who have been successfully able to grow and develop their sound with each release, without pandering to current trends or mainstream sounds. The production is apparently simple, yet intricately marvelous, and B’zurkk’s ability to execute his flow across this soundscape is refreshing. No matter what sound is present, B’zurkk has always killed it with consistently great performances, and continues to so here.

One of the special aspects of “The Art of Serial Resurrection” is that it truly feels like it could have only been put together by B’zurkk. Genuinely at the pinnacle of creativity and innovation in hip-hop, B’zurkk does so many things across this track at such a high level. B’zurkk keeps pushing his sound in bold new directions.

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