June 24, 2024

Designing his productions on a foundation of authenticity and empowerment, Zpextre is a spearheading music artist and composer with a sole mission to raise the bar within the ever- evolving music industry. Perfectly intertwining Psychrock and Psychpostpunk with real-world scenario twists, Zpextre has been highly recognized for creating compelling, soul-enriching pieces that surface authentic emotions and ultimately leave his audiences wanting more.

As a visionary artist fueled by passion, nothing makes Zpextre happier than being able to instill positive change through creating intrinsic songs that go beyond the ears and touch the heart. He demonstrates this by ensuring every authentic production he develops paints an incredible picture that inevitably provokes emotional influence and invested attraction.

Zpextre is on radio rotation with the track “Hypnotized”.

Connect with Zpextre on his WEBSITE: https://zpextre.com/

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