June 24, 2024

Born in Portales and raised in Clovis, NM, while currently residing in Englewood, CO, B’zurkk once again sets the bar sky high for what lyric oriented alternative hip-hop could sound like, on his latest single, “Quantum Mechanics”. The song showcases the artist’s distinctive approach to his music. He sets aside a good chunk of the single to demonstrate his lyrical jousting skills, setting the template for his verbal expression moving forward. B’zurkk gives another creative lyrical performance on the song, stylistically experimenting with creative flows and deliveries, as he rhymes with straightforward explicitness.

B’zurkk has been a busy man during the last year, releasing a string of singles non-stop. Along the way he has seamlessly moved from tongue-twisting rhyme schemes to futuristic beats without ever feeling like he’s trying too hard to impress the listener. B’zurkk utilizes his sandpaper voice better than any rapper with a similar tone that I can think of. In the ongoing battle between the mainstream and the underground, B’zurkk is leading the charge for backpackers like myself.

And with the release of “Quantum Mechanics”, it seems like a no-brainer that this is going to be everything that backpackers would envision from an artist like B’zurkk. He delivers a vintage performance on the microphone, never attempting to dumb down his style, as he deals out his verbal gymnastics with amazing dexterity and putting together interesting concepts. On the track, B’zurkk flexes over sinister synth loops, beating back percussion and skittering hi-hats.

It’s mid-tempo, ball-to-the-wall, get-up-and-smash-something track, as B’zurkk captures the essence of an unforgiving delivery. Despite the impressive beat production, it’s worth noting that B’zurkk absolutely owns the track, from beginning to end.

He showcases the sharp-tongued combination of intricate narrative, evocative imagery, expansive vocabulary, and an insinuating rhyme cadence. B’zurkk one of the finest specimens of pure, unfettered and unique underground hip-hop you’ll hear.

“Quantum Mechanics” sustains a voracious verbal assault that perfectly captures the imaginative way that B’zurkk constructs his rhymes, replete with impacting metaphors and allusions. The way B’zurkk ends his lines by pulling you into the next one, is a top flight rhymer’s move.

Only experience or true skill can result in that kind of ability. There’s so much said in B’zurkk lines and yet it feels effortless when you’re hearing the verses in the song. It’s natural, a fluidity that leads his listeners to keep hitting repeat. Hitting repeat lately has been inconsistent, so at least for me this trait really resonates.

B’zurkk represents that all-too-rare example of artists who have preserved their creative integrity and remain true to the original spirit of their art form, while avoiding the temptations and traps of more commercially motivated endeavors.

For this, and of course for the song “Quantum Mechanics” itself, we unquestionably owe a debt of gratitude to B’zurkk. Finding a project that gives you something to think about and decipher on listening, these days, is kind of uncommon, and I applaud B’zurkk for that. Everybody who is able to go into his music with an open mind, will find much to enjoy and admire.


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