May 28, 2024

Singer-songwriter Neutron Mendoza is an American hip-hop artist originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has released multiple singles and albums, and has worked with various music production labels and other reputable hip-hop musical artists like CGutta The Realist, Boss Man Gizzla, Jose Guapo, and King D Witcher, to name a few. On the 3rd of December, Mendoza released his latest album, entitled “Already Stamped”, on all major digital platforms. The 21 tracks that fill the epic album, highlight all of the artist’s skills, including his ability to flow over a wide variety of beats. He fuses together alternative hip-hop, and pop influences in his music to create sonically impressive and catchy songs.

A key to Neutron Mendoza’s attractive sonic aesthetic is the breathy and gravelly nuances he infuses into his delivery. “Already Stamped” sees the artist delivering some of the most inventive, diverse and inspired hip-hop tracks seen so far this year.

It’s no secret that 2021 was pretty dry when it came to exciting hip-hop releases, and luckily artists like Neutron Mendoza are picking up the slack with his polished, yet raw, and forward-thinking cuts.

“Already Stamped” sees Neutron Mendoza taking things up a notch on the project’s just under two-dozen new tracks. “Mission” is a skittering and busy opener, laden with verbally intense verses and abrasive flows that ooze personality.

While songs like “My Twin” take this style and amplifies it even further, with jangling stringed instruments and a hand-clapping beat.  “Pour Up” is a futuristic and ethereal track full of smooth vocal layers and soulful melodies.

If you’re in the mood for something more eclectic, look no further than “Bag Swagg” and “All The Cash” which sees Neutron Mendoza singing and rapping on both minimalistic and grand-scale mixes. Together these tracks – along with the catchy “Chase Checks” and “No Handouts” – serve as solid foundations for Neutron Mendoza to show off his talents, proving that he is one of hip-hop’s most promising upcoming talents.

Whether or not this is your first time hearing about Neutron Mendoza, now is the perfect time for both old and new fans to dive into his newest project and see everything he has to offer. Up next is, “In The Dark” which shows that the creative has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

It sees Mendoza delivering rhythmically off-kilter bars with his usual blend of melodic and grinding tones. His delivery sports an additional dose of confidence and clarity on “Worth It”, before he is joined by Jose Guapo, on the sticky “Traffic”.

Neutron Mendoza pulls no punches on “No Playing”, while “Tapped In” and “Let’s Go”, is bursting at the seams with the futuristic and ambient excellence, as Mendoza rides the beats with his moody and grungy vocal tones.

On “The Fee”, the rapper has an uncanny ability to take on hard 808s with patient, melodic pianos and flutes, showing no fear of slowing it down or speeding it up. Mendoza slows it down on “Soon” and “Its True”, as he flexes all of his vocal twisting trickery.

This takes us to the throbbing beat of “Wishful Thinking”, and then on to the booming underbelly of “One of Mines”. Neutron Mendoza’s whole brand exudes confidence and assertiveness, which is as compelling as the ambiguity around his sonic aesthetics.

There can be no doubt that Mendoza is on a steady assent within his own lane. This much is evident on both “Prepared” and “Energy Boost”. How many rappers do you know that have a sound like this? It further proves his limitless potential to take over sooner or later.

The album close with “Till We Die” featuring King D Witcher, which not only shows a robust ability to both sing and rap effortlessly, but to do it differently than most of Neutron Mendoza’s contemporaries. “Already Stamped” seems to bring forth a new, unheard sound on each listen. That puts him in a league of his own.


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