May 30, 2024

Southside of Chicago artist, Trey Dilla can rap his ass off with witty lyrics and clever references. He’s always had a great ear for production and gets a bunch of different styles of beats from smart producers. Not least his latest single, “The Giving Freestyle”, which brings the heat. Trey Dilla is a thinker and with great introspection comes seasoned thoughts. Duly, his career can be defined by expression of those seasoned thoughts. His ability to wander, to reveal truths and subtle realities is what lead to his impressive narratives. Across this latest track, Trey does the same wandering through life’s experiences to reveal its struggles and afflictions.

Instead of showy grandstanding, Trey Dilla settles for slow reveals with his lengthy bars. He’s able to unpack and explain what’s troubling his mindset, his remedy to the problems, as well as his belief in faith. Trey Dilla’s rhymes are poetry featuring steady bars, unusual schemes and deep-thinking ideas, which become labyrinthine. Trey’s lyrics are so hypnotic, when he’s dropping knowledge, they will mesmerize you.

There’s a lot on display with “The Giving Freestyle”, that’s very distinguishable, as Trey Dilla offers a tour around his experiences while holding you by the hand with his accessible rhymes. This track, no doubt will help establish Trey as one of the stronger voices in Chicago’s vibrant, diverse, and crowded, underground hip-hop scene. Trey’s music is the decidedly cerebral and emotive other side of what many of his contemporaries are doing.

Though far from wanting to be a self-righteous conscious rapper, Trey Dilla proves on “The Giving Freestyle” that he can spit and make listeners think. At the same time, he also seeks to motivate with his words. But even if his voice resonates with a forceful boom, he never tries to overtly preach. In fact, it’s his acknowledgement of his own imperfections, which makes Trey ultimately more relatable. Hence this sort of becomes personal music.

The twisted chipmunk-styled melodies, supporting rumbling basslines and snapping drums, tie the song together perfectly and set an insistent tone for Trey Dilla to rap on top of. The dynamic contrast between the high vocal melodies and Trey’s low full-bodied voice, perfectly suit the track.  Furthermore, the sure-footed rhythm of Trey’s raps, make this track a must-hear. If nothing else, he can tell a story, employing a number of techniques, which immediately bring listeners into his world.

Trey Dilla’s voice begs for attention without really needing it, while espousing a series of messages that will slowly impress themselves on the listener’s brain. At a time when a concept and substance, matters as much as the music, Trey shows that he really knows his way around a song. He provides his audience with a baritone of truth and honesty. Moreover, the quality of the track is representative of how good his overall skillset is.

Trey Dilla’s flow during his rhymes exhibit a concentration and determination that’s every bit as focused as his quest for self-realization. Needless to say, Trey’s distinction as a compelling rapper, will only deepen with the spreading of “The Giving Freestyle” into the masses.

Connect with Trey Dilla on Instagram and Twitter @dilladagift.

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