June 24, 2024

Nobletipsy is an artist and songwriter from Nigeria, yet currently based in Australia. He sets the bar higher by combining influences from different genres into a really innovative, yet catchy formula. His music is actually a fantastic example of that, highlighting Nobletipsy’s ability to straddle the line between Afro-Beat, Afro-Pop, and Hip-Hop in a very seamless way. His tracks are fun and catchy to listen to, but also very accomplished in terms of production.

Each instrument is purposefully arranged within the mix, meaning that Nobletipsy isn’t only trying to “fill in the empty spaces,” but rather use sounds and different tonal qualities to create a more enticing texture.

The vocals work really well within the context of it all, not only creating some highly memorable hooks, but also fitting the emotion and intention of the lyrics to perfection. Fans of artists such as Fela Kuti, 2face, Duncan Mighty, and Jesse Jagz are definitely going to connect with this artist.

Find out more about Nobletipsy, and do not miss out on his tracks, including hits such as “Shake Your Body,” “Under Pressure” and “Nwa Ogba.”  Nobletipsy is on radio rotation with the track Ngborogu ft. Profizzy.


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