May 26, 2024

Half-Trinidadian and half-American, Musy Da Don is a rapper and producer from Tacoma, WA with ties to Washington D.C. and Brooklyn, NY. He has been making music for over 10 years, but only recently has taken the leap to pursue it seriously. Musy Da Don is also the founder of a clothing line called Designs by Mu, reachable at Musy is one of many talented artists fighting through the middle of the pack to really break through. His catalog shows an artist who opted to cut some jams full of slick wordplay and groovy production.

Musy Da Don sits comfortably in his bag throughout his playlist. Sparking chemistry with the beats, he fires on all cylinders as he zips through the handful of tracks with effortless ease. His flows are bountiful, his personality is vivid, and his lyrics are as cunning as ever. His latest single, “On Me”, is a vibe-infused ditty that’s as entrancing as Musy Da Don is intoxicating. It is a carefree jam that’s bursting with bounce and sunshine.

Musy Da Don flirts with melodic magic on this track. “On Me” not only affirms his talent as an astute wordsmith, but further builds upon and hones his unique strengths. One of these particular strengths is the Tacoma rapper’s hypnotic, nonchalant melodic delivery, which radiates with sage-like wisdoms and sharply barbed observations. It’s this alluring mix of rap and sing-song vocals that constitutes his most defining trait, both separating and elevating him from the pack.

In more ways than one, “On Me” represents a Musy Da Don coming of age statement. He’s wiser, more experienced – one couldn’t ask for a more refined release from him at this time. The track is filled with captivating production and lyricism highlighting a maturing artist, who is malleable when it comes to his craft. One of the most special qualities Musy Da Don possesses as a rapper, is his knack for finding a pocket within any beat.

Musy Da Don proves this aforementioned ability with “On Me”, as he navigates the production effortlessly. Musy is definitely leveling up, his intuition and skill are charting a course straight up to the top of ladder. “On Me” has an affinity for sticky melodies and even stickier hooks, which will push it towards many of the viral trends that artists have latched onto. Everything is easily digestible and envelopes the listener to the world Musy Da Don has created.

Diving into this single, you instantly recognize that Musy Da Don is a very intriguing talent.  He has mastered the art of using his voice as an instrument and the layers in both the production and his vocals is impressive. This project is captivating from start to finish and excellent introduction to a rising talent. The subject matter is interesting and engaging which only helps in complementing the beautiful sounds on the single.

“On Me” produced by Docc Jay is Musy Da Don at his absolute best, and a testament to his huge potential. You can bet it adds fuel to his fire, and makes him want to push the envelope even more.


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